Purple centers of leaves and stems

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  1. on two of my four plants the centers of the leaves are dark purple it looks like it is spreading a little from center out
    i have lst'd so its very obvious cause you can see all the tops

    i read thru some sick plant guides best i can figure is a response to cold temps
    lights on = 78-81
    lights off = 63-68

    water ph going in is about 7 but coming out is low near 5 or so using a liquid water tester
    is it a PH problem exclusively? PH causing a nute lockout?

    i did not get a chance to take a shot this morning cause it was about to be lights out when i was leaving

    any ideas w/o seeing pics yet?
  2. one of my 3 plants has purp stem at the base but it gets green as it go's up the stem but the stems oof leafs ar purp aswell
  3. i have had purple stems for a bit, but not concerned read it could be genetics, plants looked healthy as can be until i went to 12/12
  4. more details
    plants have been under unideal conditions from the start 7 full weeks of veg
    only last three were better and last 2 in a tent and very stable
    started veg nutes 5 weeks in 1/4 strength every other water
    plants looked great before nutes and after didnt see a difference
    over 500 watt cfl
    gradually swapped out 6500 for 2700 bulbs and lengthened dark periods over a weeks time
    3 days into 12/12 and the purple has crept onto the leaves
    i will have pics later today

    i know its kinda pointless w/o pics but as u can imagine i am a little nervous/anxious
  5. Is there a way to upload directly from an iPhone
  6. There sure is. And theres also a way of finding your exact address from them, becuase photo's on iphones are geotagged ;)
  7. i keep my location off unless i need it for a quick app
    also turned off in the camera app i use

    not sure it would be any diferent than uploading from my pc on my home internet, still easily tracked

    so how do i upload the photos from my phone?
  8. finally pics

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  9. few more
    have 7 plants total 4 in 1 gallon pots are the mains lst'd
    another in small black pot was growing straight for a while for my own comparison
    2 more were taken out of the grow room cause they were struggling then added back when i got the tent
    same soil same nutes etc

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  10. Pumps and a BUMP
  11. Bump again for help please
    had to water last night so just went no nutes
    one I see sex u will transplant into ffof
    and get them out of that dam gnat infested

  12. hey what sup
    well the plants r growin cool but one point do u have got any ventilation on the place u put them?

    cus it looks a bit stretching

    u need a 2 fans

    1 fan blows air in and another one air out
  13. yeah im good on vent, i have more fans than i want!!!
    i have three big passive intakes on the tent
    2 fans blowing on the tops of the plants, a fan blowing up from the bottom, and a 6" exhaust fan mounted on top with ducting to a window fan

    the stretch just started after i went 12/12

  14. oh can u put some pic to see

    i building my new tent grow box and i need ideas :)
  15. i dont have much of the tent or fans ill get them up soon
  16. ok ;)
  17. tent pics

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  18. dam man u have got how many bulbs? lol =)
  19. right now i got 18!!

    Color Temp No. of Bulbs Single Bulb Wattage Wattage subtotal Wattage % 6500 0 23 0 0.0% 5000 2 27 54 10.6% 3500 2 23 46 9.1% 2700 12 27 324 63.8% 2700 2 42 84 16.5%
  20. well that didnt format right

    here is the spreadhseet i use to tally total wattage and what percentage of wattage each color temp is
    i keep 2 5000 2 3500 and 2 2700 through the whole grow

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