Purple buds...could it be the cold weather?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by stifler024, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. I noticed some of the leaves are starting to turn purple too around the edges today too. Wondering if it is just the low temperatures (usually around 50 degrees overnight) or if it could be a nutrient deficiency. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!:hello:

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  2. Looks more like from cold to me than a nute deff.
  3. Its probably the cold.

    My last grow I had some color change about 2 weeks before harvest. You dont look like your far enough along for that yet though.
  4. it looks cool tho
    but yea it prlly is the cold
  5. ya i figure that it has about a month left of flowering. possibly 5-6 weeks
  6. It's probably just from the cold, no big deal. I have 5 plants outdoors right now and 2 of them (hollands hope) are turning purple. I'm in the northeast and it's been in the 40's/50's at night lately. I've read that it's pretty standard for indica dominant strains to turn purple in cooler climates. Nice pics, good luck with your harvest :)
  7. probably too early but does anyone have any guesses on a yield?

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