purple bud

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  1. check it out, this shit looks so cool

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  2. :rolleyes: is it yours? It looks like some white rhino i saw some pics of a while back but i have no clue as to what strain it could be. We need more breeders developing this strain of weed to see if we can make it even better.​
  3. whoaa same question as killer, is that yours?
  4. Damn, that looks intriging.
  5. Look like that plant has been exposed to some cold ass temps judging from the color of the leaf.

    This is Double Purple Doja from TGA seeds, Subcool and his team has been working on this for a few years. His Jacks Cleaner is some of the most potent smoke I've had in 37 years, fact remains, it was the only weed to knock me off my feets, snow blind, Subcool called me "Timber" for weeks after. :D
    Double Purple Doja.jpeg
  6. That looks so cool, is it yours? Thats some really good looking purple Tommy, I'd be honored to smoke that stuff.
  7. that's incredible.

    tommy - do you know subcool?
  8. Ya I dont see any purple bud in the first pic just purple leafs...
  9. emagdnlm13: yep, know subby very well indeed.
  10. stop guys your making my mouth water :)

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