Purple Bud: How can you tell its geneticaly purple

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  1. OK, i do know that when plants grow in colder climates, the bud has a tendency to turn purple. However, how can you tell if the bud is geneticaly purple as opposed to just beign a little frost bitten?
  2. the only way I can think of is if it smokes like a Purp

  3. The purple color is not "frost bite" but is part of the late season maturation process.

    The theory is that plants that are allowed to grow into the cool season will produce more resin to protect the buds from the cold.

    Using this logic any bud that naturally has purple and darker colorations will be more potent .... regardless of the strain.

    In a short answer there is no way to tell if your purple colored bud is Purps ... unless you know what Purps smells and taste like...... but enjoy your bud anyway !!!
  4. Yeah, if it smokes like a purp strain that's definitely a good way to tell. Another way I've noticed is that when it's genetically purple there is usually at least a little green in the buds. Pictures I've seen of temp shocked buds usually show weed that is totally purple and a different shade of purple than what would be seen in an actual purple strain. The best way to tell is definitely by smoking, but if you're experienced enough you can usually tell if the buds are temp shocked by examining them.
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    I'll be back in a few with some info.

    Edit- "Genetics, maturity, pH, amount of light, temperature, and even available sugars can influence the color of cannabis. Some of these factors are easily controlled, others seemingly impossible; with knowledge comes ability." -CC #70
  6. The resin produced by the cannabis plant are to protect it from uv rays, thc is the plants defense to uvb rays.
  7. whats the best way to make em turn purple??
  8. Purp can only be made from cool grown sativa. If there's no purple hairs don't buy it

  9. DUDE, I hope you're kidding. If not, where do you get this bullshit?
  10. If your temperatures are normal and it turns purple then its most likely genetics.
  11. You can distinctly smell and taste purple strains. They are very floral and have a heavy sweet flavor unlike green weed. Also, genetic purp should have swirls and color varitions ranging from green to a true purple INSIDE all the calyxes, and even part of the stems are going to be tinted purple.

    Theres bomb purp and average purp just like theres bomb and average-assed green danks.
  12. Most of the purple strains floating around are jus headies that have mal-nutrition.....Or atleast thats what my prof. told me..
  13. You can't


    You have purp strains that come out green that have purp aroma.
    And even if you recognize purp aroma, you wouldnt be able to tell if it was stressed to be more purple.
    If you get a strain that is naturally green, but tastes like purp, when it is stressed to be purp you'll think its normal.
    You also have purps that dont carry the regular purp aroma.

    The only way you can tell is to get a clone and grow it normally.

    Heck, all these strains I smoke and photograph, I couldnt even guarantee to anyone what strain they are. I got them from a dispensary, who got it from a grower, who got it from who knows where.... I just trust my dispensary.
  14. what do you mean smokes like a purp
  15. what is it mean to smoke like a purp
  16. I think this turned my TrAiNwReCk purple.
    but its not proven yet.
    I need to do a run without it to be sure

    a few days later...

  17. so what turned it purple ? the reflection off that glass? orrr what
  18. lol three year old thread

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