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Purple branches

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by a SquaRe, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. I'm growing an autoflower(Short Stuffs BHD). She's 3 weeks into flowering, in FFOF soil under 150W HPS. I've noticed that my branches have became purple. A very dark purple. Now I kno it could just be a phenotype or characteristic of the plant but I'm also wondering if it could be due to anything else?

    Such as cold weather. I hve a window in my growroom that is left open at night . It does get quite cold in there overnight. I've seen it get bout 50 degrees.

    Also, can PH turn branches purple?

    Just to add on, it's just my branches. My main stem is green as can be, just the branches. Underside and on top

    Thanks fellow blades. Grasscity owns all
  2. that's why its going purple its to cold 60 degrees is the LOWIST you want it at night. i would shut the window at night. i read that at 50 degrees they stop growing and at 40 degrees it kills them brov
  3. ThInk so?

    I really think it's genetics but I'll start shutting the window I guess. Will the purple go away or...?

    Hard to explain but the branches r like permanently purple. You would think if it were due to cold weather wouldn't the purple go away once the day started to heat up?

  4. My plants have been outside below 40 degrees and they are still alive. When it comes to flowering weather these are the things you have to worry about right about now.

    Morning Dew/Frost
    High Humidity
    Wind ( wind can be good after rain though )

    My thoughts any 2 of these at once is not good and I would bring the plant inside . 1 is eh leave it outside but check on her as soon as you can. Cannabis is very resilient so I wouldn't worry unless you truley have a mess of a day while growing outside. Your grow is indoors though so your enviorment is easily sustainable for your plant. I'd personally close the window though.
  5. So no one thinks my branches are due to genetics???
  6. i am sure i read on here that this can also be caused by ether over fert or a deficancy i cant remember what one??
  7. Well that doesnt really help Indicalover. Haha...

    I thought I read that somewhere also, but just checked the Ph bout an hour ago and its right at 6.3 which is fine with me...
  8. Nitrogen burn. Turns leaf tips and stem purple.
  9. Same thing is happening to my plant, but it's mostly the bottom of the leaves and the fan leaves that are turning dark purple (so are the buds...kinda) and im almost 4 weeks in.

    Wish i had a better answer, but I'm a new grower too

  10. garunteed purple under 62 degree for more then a couple hours
  11. My indoor room is nearing harvest now, and my lights run at night to minimize maximum temperature and maximize minimum temperature in a sense, because we have had dramatic temperature changes where I live lately.

    Anyway, at only 3 weeks into flower, temps around 50 are low, but nothing that isn't manageable. Later on in flowering cycle, the lowering of temperatures will signal the plant to ripen up before it dies :smoke:
  12. Not nitrogen burn cuz Im feeding it P nutes.

    Yea I didnt think 5o degrees would be all that bad, like I said, the plant looks nice n healthy! But what your saying mom ocalm420 is that towards the end of flowering, its GOOD for it to be a bit colder?

    Classy tokez...my buds are green with orange pistils(some of them) and none of my fan leaves r purple. Just my branches. And not even all of them...just the ones that seem to be the longest with the largest fan leaves
  13. Square,noticed a slight purple hew on the stalk and branches of fan leaves.But the flowering seems real slow.Buds are very small and seems to be going so slow.My haze auto already has nice buds and were planted the same time.
  14. HDcruiser I responded in the other thread "topping while flowering"
    But anyways I think I'll have to post some pics cuz my branches are straight purple. Not a purple hue, not purplish...but purple!

    Is your main cola on the BHD not very plump?
    Post some picture of your BHd and also the Haze I wanna see em
  15. My book listed purple stems as part of a Nitrogen problem.
  16. "Purple Stems" as in purple stalks...

    I have purple branches.

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