Purple Alaskan Autos

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  1. Hello new guy here an this is my first attempt at growing but thought id start a little diary of my 4 Purple Alaskan Autos from Seedsman.

    4x2x7 closet
    Viparspectra 600w TC model
    5" 125 L1 Systemair RVK Extractor Fan 323 M/3
    Control freak intelligent fan control
    4" Rhino hobby carbon filter
    17" x 4" passive intake vent
    6" clip on fan (aimed between light an plants)
    10" floor fan (aimed up at an angle to push hot air up)
    4 x 10lt root nurse fabric pots
    70% coco 30% perlite by Echothrive

    General hydroponics trio (minus the grow)
    Shogun calmag.
    (PH up and down aswell)

    They finished germinating on the 18th of July an were planted the same day. They broke the surface on the 20th an this would be day 6 since.

    Will keep this thread updated an reply to any comments.

    20190726_210501.jpg 20190726_210520.jpg 20190726_210538.jpg 20190726_210548.jpg 20190726_210414.jpg
  2. Looking good. :thumbsup:
    Good luck and welcome to GC.
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  3. You think so? An thank you man! :)
  4. Welcome to the boards...:passtheshit:

    So far so good!! Any questions or concerns you have please feel free to ask....we are here to help people who want it.
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  5. Thank you very much!
  6. Will be following along!!

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  7. Thanks man will be everyother day updates!
  8. Here's a link to the updated journal of this grow Purple Alaskan Autos

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