Purple #1 = Blueberry?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mindismoving, May 24, 2010.

  1. just hoping to get some clarification. i'm planning on growing some blueberry soon, but as i was browsing various "purple" strains i came across this:

    Dutch Passion Purple #1 Feminized Seeds

    "Dutch Passion Purple #1 (aka Blueberry) marijuana seeds produce strong marijuana plants,"

    ...are Purple #1 and Blueberry the same strain? or closely related? if dutch passion has a more stable strain more likely to be consistently purple, i'd bite the hook just for the novelty value. any info is appreciated.
  2. I am currently growing some blue's and so far no purple but im curious about your question tho i imagine they are completely different strains......
  3. it's a singled out blueberry pheno from dutch passion..
    dj short has the real blueberry..
    be warned to..blueberry strains are known for being a pain in the ass to grow as well...very prone to problem's...i'd buy something else but that's just mho..
  4. nice info custom... fortunetly mine haven't had any problems but ill keep that in mind,.
  5. sweet, they just like a balanced ph and are nute sensitive thats all..
    but good to hear..just feed, water, water with those blueberry strain's...or feed then water 3x
  6. so far ive been feeding every other water with pretty good results... Fox farm nutes by the way.
  7. thanks custom, awesome info. i've read about blueberry being finicky to grow, but sadly i can accept no substitutes. i love the stuff. are you saying you'd recommend dj short's blueberry over dutch passion? if so, why?
  8. because he is the original breeder, dutch passion is low grade..compared to dj short's ...
    dj short's is used all over canada as well in there breeding prodject's to create blueberry hybrid's...so if you want the real blueberry you gotta find dj short's or a dj short BB cross..

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