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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Brizzl, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. What's so good about purp? Isn't it just a different color?
  2. pretty much
  3. As I understand it, some strains are purple naturally (Blackberry Kush) but all strains can be made to look purple by dropping the temp during growing.
  4. Nothing special

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  5. Good taste, likely indica, good for sleeping.
  6. I wonder how many people this has fooled
  7. what he said lol.
  8. just a different color. generally rarer tho

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    If I'm wrong go ahead and correct. I'm not a grower, that's just what I've read on forums.
  10. Among dank, purp is just another strain. People in areas where good weed is hard to find tend to get hyped about it because it's one of the most popular danks and comes around more often than anything else.
    I don't DISLIKE purp, but it's definitely a nighttime smoke. The flavor is very sweet and fruity (people say grapes, I've had purps that tasted like melon though). I ripped a single snap of some Purple OG I had once and was straight high for 3 hours, was still out of it when I went to work a bit over 3 hours later (most highs last 30 mins to an hour for me).
  11. Purp is great u just have to find legit purp like finding any other legit strain, u can easily fake it n make any strain come out purple by stressing it-dropping temp but if u get real purp like any other real strain it's good but if it's just color their after then it's prob won't taste or smell any different

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  12. I'll take my home grown white widow over any purp.

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  13. No I mean I wonder how many people have bought "purple haze" that's just an average strain made to look purple
  14. purple buds mean they're either purple due to genetics (which usually show Indica) or cold temps before harvesting. purple buds usually have a great unique "purple" taste and are semi-rare on the illegal black market.

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