Purp stem and dark spots

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    I have never gotten to this stage before. But I am unsure whats happening to my plant. Do you have any advice?
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    Thanks guys, this will be my first post
  2. I'd guess magnesium def, but a picture of the entire plant might help.
    Oh, and, hey @sunvol, welcome to Grasscity bro
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  3. Hey Trojan, thanks! I updated the link and took more pictures to give you a better idea of what I'm looking at. Those sun leaves I cut off because they were curling up and discolored near the bottom of the plant. The top looks like it has some yellow tips and is light green in some spots dark in others. My camera doesnt capture it too well. Thanks again for the help guys. I live in the middle of nowhere, found one seed, just happened to be a female. I'm hoping to make clones so I can keep this going.
  4. TG is right.
    PH being off can cause lockouts and be nute deficencies and cannot be fixed until PH is in the correct range.
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  5. What is the drainage in that pot like? Are you feeding to runoff? Looks like lockout, but you can reverse it.
    I suggest u check the runoff's pH as HD mentioned, its probably a pH issue.
    When you transplant, add way more perlite for better aeration and drainage.
  6. The soil does seem heavy now that its been watered and muddy. At one time I was using filtered water because our water is a little rusty. But soon figured out that was no good. I tested our water from the tap and it has a good PH for cannibis and like 18ppm. I will take your advice and do research about runoff! Thanks man.
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  7. If its muddy you will drown the plant. You need fabric pots, or something with holes in it and a 30% perlite at least mix in the dirt.
  8. Unfortunately I figured that out a little late. Drainage seems okay now, takes a couple days to fully dry. I checked the PH runoff for the first time. It was 7.5 does this mean I should keep flushing? I believe my tap water has a lower ph than that.

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