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Purp (real cali purp) pick up -pics-

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Bizzoo, May 31, 2009.

  1. i'd mow my lawn, if i dropped a 7g nug in that grass i would break down and cry
    can i mow your lawn? i wouldnt want those nugs going anywhere but in a tokers body
  2. haha, the back yard will look great in about 3 months. my parents have been remodeling the inside of the house, so that looks great, but the back yard got zero attention.

    Anyways, i dont really care im moving out in like....tomorrow lol.
  3. well i hope you can get the same bud wherever you move to, happy toking with those dank buds
  4. Thanks man, Chico has pretty good bud, i wont be hurtin
  5. I believe its a quarter. That stuff looks too leafy for me personally, but good pickup nonetheless. I can't get purples unless I go to the club, but living in the 805 yields opportunities often enough. $45 1/8th cap clubs, nothing like smoking any strain for that cheap :smoking:
  6. alright sick bro
  7. nice purp pick up, shit man i havent picked up any purp ina while, the usual greens look frostier than the purp most of the time so i pass up on it
  8. yeah, i usually go with greens too, i like head highs more. But its nice every once in a while to snag some purp. taste soooo damn good haha
  9. Holy shit looks amazing.
  10. thanks mah man

  11. Don't worry, I was being sarcastic. I was just trying to point out that its ridiculous to call out an obviously dedicated member on lying about the weight of his bud. You clearly arnt making up the weight as it is a big nugget, and those pictures are clearly of your own lol.

    I thought i was being blatantly sarcastic in calling you out on "your pictures from google".

    But for the record, very nice pickup (this part isn't sarcasm)
  12. lol i figured you were messing around. Buuuut i was high as fuck, and didnt mind going back outside to take a few more pictures.

    So, ima + rep you for making me go outside. Thanks

  13. Lol good thing I read this page I was going to neg rep the shit out of you for that other post... it's hard to pick up on sarcasm on the internet sometimes haha.

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