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Purp (real cali purp) pick up -pics-

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Bizzoo, May 31, 2009.

  1. Yup, snagged this nug for 100 bucks.

    It weighed out to be 7.4 (just that 1 nug) and my guy tossed in another gram nug for free.

    This stuffs super fuckin tasty, one bowl and i was high as fuck,


  2. Can I see a pic of it in your hand? If that bud weighs out to 7.4 thats odd it looks like a 1 gram nug
  3. That bud is really fluffy... no way it weighs 7
  4. dudes, it like fluffy outside, fuckin dense inside. I watched my guy weigh it out before.....just look at the quality, do i even need to lye about how much it weighs?

    Ill take a hand photo in a bit, i just smoked and im pretty baked. But, its sitting on a 2 by 4, and that yellow thing is a sea saw or what ever the fuck there called, so its like 4 inches wide.......
  5. #5 General Shroom, May 31, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 31, 2009
    looks nice but no way its 7.4..

    idk maybe. thats weird
  6. lol i have to see that in your hand theres no way thats a quarter?! PROVE ME WRONG
  7. looks delicious :wave:

    I havnt seen purp in too long. Its been about a month :p
  8. yea if thts a 2 by 4 then tht can deff. be tht much but i still want to see a hand pic lol
    nice ass purp btw
  9. Come on you fuckers, would i lye to you guys? lol here are the hand pics.








    lol, yeah now im high....decided to take more then just a hand photo

    lol at my fucked up hand
  10. I knew it Totall FAKE GTFO

    lol yea thats nice
  11. I knew you werent lying lol Thats sweet man. over a quarter of purple. I want to be you right now. I have never seen purple in real life :'(
  12. #12 Bizzoo, May 31, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 31, 2009

    Thats what 1 bowl just did to me. Like fuckin half a bowl lol. First time i smoked by myself....kinda used to hella high people talkin lol.

    @Derrick, haha yeah its kinda hard to come by. Like we always have purp around. But its Green Grapes most of the time. I got lucky, just last weekend i picked up a 1/4 of different purp from the same dude, heres a pic.



    These last 2 actual purple pick ups are the first 2 in like......i wanna say about a month in a half
  13. bud like that makes me want to pack my bags and get to cali asap
  14. um that hand pic bud, and the 1st pic bud ARE not the same buds. the one in the 1st picture is A LOT smaller. maybe the 1gram nug in the 1st pic. but i do say the hand bud is the 7g.
  15. #15 Bizzoo, May 31, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 31, 2009
    haha, price tag was pretty hefty though. 100 bucks for a 1/4? sheeeeeit, that second purp pickup group of photos only cost 80 a 1/4.

    lol wait what? you STILL think im lying?

    Dude, its fuckin grass think i would sit here and insist on lying about how much my nug weighs? like i said before, just look at the quality, i dont even need to lye about how much it weighs.

    And look again, or check your eyes....there the same nugs...look at the front...bulge, you can see it on both pictures. My hand and the nug are in teh EXACT same position, just changed the angle. Check you eyes mah man
  16. That is easily 7. I have a nug about that size(maybe a little smaller) right now that weighs 6.7. I meen thats a really thick nug, just imagine how it would look ground up.

    But what would the OP know, I meen those pictures were clearly taken off google so how could he even scale it.
  17. lol.....i hope thats sarcasm.

    Dude for some reason i feel like i have to PROVE that this is my weed and its a 1/4 lol.

  18. What would you know? What proof do you have that these are from google?
    edit: i wouldnt feel like i had to prove anything except that insulting someone else's stash is just uncalled for, if its not your bud and youre not complimenting then shut up, just my opinion though
  19. lol well this will prove it.

    heres a picture of where i took the first pictures.....notice the 2 by 4? the sea saw shit? yaaaaah cant deny that isnt the same place i took the picture.


    heres a picture of where i sat to smoke the bowl, take the picture of my hand, and the pipe and stuff.


    Notice how fuckin redneck and shitty my backyard is? yay, cant deny thats the same grass under my hand in the picture (lol), no but really. Check it out, thats the table the stash jar and pipe and stuff was on.

    now. you if dont think its a 1/4 nug then dont bother posting.
  20. purp looks dank as fuck man!

    and that rampage v liddell fight was the fucking bomb. i watched that while high. awesome knock out!

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