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Purp (fire/nuggets/dank) with barely any smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by +AVA-182_Racer, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. So ok, every bit of "good" bud (nuggets/dank/fire etc..) i've ever gotten has always had a nice skunky smell that would like punch you in the face and smell up the room. So today my dealer says he has purp so i say bet it up, never tried purp...looks great (although not too purple?), feels nice and fluffy too, but it just doesn't have a strong smell...just wondering if anyone has encountered good bud without a strong smell...

    (btw im about to try it out now, ill post back how it is if anyone cares)
  2. is it dry? that has alot to do with smell wet buds stink
  3. If it looks good and feels good have a sample toke. Buds will sometimes look bad but be bomb, look bomb but be bunk. It's all about what's in the sack man.

  4. nope, its nice and squishy...real fresh

    so i smoked a bowl and its really really nice...super :smoking: right now...

    the smoke was so smooth i was able to get really big hits

    had train wreck last week and had to take a buncha small mini hits it was so harsh
  5. Hurry dude post back I wanna know im blazed too dude.
  6. yeah i get some orange crush that only has a faint smell. probably just cuz its dry ya^^^
    still some good bud tho!
  7. ive gotten weed before that didnt have much of a smell to it but smoked so good

  8. dude super blitzed, it was great, real body high...and i feel real zoned out, hard to concentrate...lovin it

    +rep King of the hill was one of my fav. shows, so pissed they canceled it
  9. king of the hill sucked man. its all about familly guy or cleveland show
  10. Umm with all respect sir if you say that again IM GONNA KICK YOUR ASS.
  11. +REP FOR YOU Mr.HANK!!!

    Gotta love references like that!

    ontopic... kinda... haha - My boy's getting a quad of some bubblegum again, man that shit is SO good. Gives me an awesome zone/body high off of one bowl!!!! $100 for a quad of super dank yayayaya! Finally found a dealer around here thats awesome, one of our old friends we just got back to talking.

    Bud around here is so overpriced, usually mids and $20 for anything, and then sometimes $25 for dank =(

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