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purging wax

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by exhalingghost, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Put it on a piece of parchment and sit it on a ps3 for three days. Once its on for awhile it maintains a no flame involved heat. Low and slow is the way to go.
  2. hey bro parachment paper is bad it actual absorbs the butane . n abosrbs into the bho not huge level but stil enuf.. n im sure u can jus do a hot watr bath or vac purge also for same time lol but nice idea
  3. What about wax paper? And I'm using 7x refined butane. The wax comes out almost white. And its hella fluffy. Thanks for the note on the parchment though

  4. Parchment is bad? Says who!

    It's only bad if you extract on it, otherwhys vac purging on unbleached is fine..
  5. o tru enuf but still on the cole parmer.. if u put butane and what parachament paper is made from (slipped from my head) but it says not recomnded for use.. but ya i use it after it water bathed coupled times.. im thinkin ether petri dish would work sick or the oil sleek pads or w.e
  6. Parchment isn't the best for purging on. Pyrex is really the best. You can store purged oil on parchment but if the oil still has butane in it when you transfer to the parchment it could potentially react in a bad way. Don't use wax paper ever as the oil will stick to the wax coating and you'll get a lot of nasty crap in your dab.
  7. Even parchment paper has something on it to prevent sticking. Usually silicone..So even if you are keeping properly purged oil on parchment, you may be getting silicone or some other contaminates in your product.
  8. What about just going solventless altogether?
  9. It doesnt matter what it was made with, parchment is covered in a foreign material; any type of hash can be sticky enough to collect some of it. You just need to purge on pryrex, and should store it in a glass container. Thousands of people are smoking errls off parchment, myself included :eek:..and it doesnt appear to be an immediate health concern, But just know you may be smoking little bits of silicone if you keep your concentrates on parchment.

  10. How do I make oil without solvents?
  11. I keep my concentrates in medical jars thanks.

  12. would need to be Sub critical or Super critical fluid extractions and that gets pricey

  13. Bubble bags with a very fine screen and fresh, high-quality starting material gives you a nice dabbable full melt. Albeit less potent than BHO it packs a punch. And is generally tastier as the terpenes are better preserved due to not having to purge a solvent off. Yield is horrid though.
    The other way is through Co2 extraction, either subcritical or supercritical. These extractions require advanced machinery and are too expensive for most small time extractors to afford. I have had sub-crit Co2 crumble that was just as potent and tasty as BHO. Theres not a whole lot of properly made Co2 oil out there unfortunately.
  14. I've done plenty of bubble bag hash. It's nothing close to oil even when it's at it's best. I've had it sticky and light and dark and gooey and all points in between. That BHO is just the best thing to smoke. When I run a batch, which last time came out to be about 10 grams, I end up stoned for weeks without having to spend money on weed. I can heat up the nail and do 3 or 4 dabs a day and coast right through.
  15. What micron bags were you using? Depending on varying factors(genetics and trichome size) full melt seems to come from the 70-90 micron bags. And full-melt wont look anything like oil, but very high quality full melt can look like a butane wax.
  16. I used to have a 5 or 8 bag set from 220 to 25 microns.
  17. Afgani is correct parchment does contain silicone usually. The silicone can leach into your oil if it interacts with any butane at all. Thats why people have stopped purging directly onto parchment paper. Glass is the only thing you should purge on.

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