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  1. Hi, im looking for some variety and some real rare/heirloom genetics for my next year outdoor grow. The main focus of my needs and greeds for this grow are: having a nice bounch of genetics with crosses of all the "famous" strains like OG & bubba kush, haze, ak47, skunk, amnesia, white widow, northern lights, critical and blueberry. from all these i allready selected strains i can get at the local growshop. Now we come to the second point, what is getting a few really rare, heirloom or mythical phenos, that are not to buy here in Spain, but are suitable for this climate. The soil of the grow area i choose for this year is pretty good, nearly black, because in all the years i live here it seems like noone went there, and just by nature there where created like a whole micro-enviroments with plants that dont grow by themself in the whole area, all the plants there are RLY tall compared to the same species just 200 meters away, and even you can find huge insects,mice, geckos and bats crawling around. Well, very hard to explain, but its magic. Its also a bit cooler there the whole day, but the place gets pretty much all of the summer sun. Its a mediterranean climate, long summers and not much to worry about mold, storm, and this things, but more about critters and pests.
    So resumed, im looking for a variety or rare strains that produce interresting effects and taste, without a need of much resistence to mold and weather but more resistant to pests.
    I came across this website: Puresativa.com they sell seeds from mainly american seedbanks, so the seeds arent easy to get where i live if you dont order online.
    i looked at following genetics:
    • Cali conection grape kush
    • connosieur genetics: cheese'n'chong, strawberries & cream, Rainbow jones
    • flying dutchmen: edelweiss, flying dragon, voyager
    • holy smoke: black honey, pinneapple funk, thunderbud
    • horilab starbud
    • rare dankness: blue ox, Dark shadow haze, el jefe, ghost of leeroy, karma bitch, moonshine haze, 
    • seedism: superglue, applejack, elvis, hippiekiller
    • serious seds: warlock, motavation
    • THseeds S.A.G.E
    • ultra genetics: MAK10, medevac kush
    Are this genetics suitable for my needs? do you know any good seedbank or website that offers rare, heirloom or landrace seeds?
    I also came across CropKingSeeds, are they legitime?

  2. No clue about puresativa.  I see some reputable breeders have them listed as official distributors though.  I think they should be a safe bet.  I've read some trivial things about crop king.  Personally I have no interest in them anymore.
    Why not go with some of the bigger more trusted seed banks like The Vault, Gorilla, Herbies or Attitude?
  3. Puresativa are legit, they are not that small either. I've bought seeds and glass from them :bongin:
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  4. i don't know what websites are legitime, since i allways bought at the local growshop. What i'm looking for are some (more r less cheap) genetics that are a bit harder to get.
  5. CropKingSeeds is highly recommended.

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  6. Highly recommended by who?
  7. I highly recommend them...
  8. Recommended...from the dude with 1 post and the other with 2. Lets.see.some.pics to back the recommendation..oh wait...we are talking about a brand that advertises a 90% original haze as 8-10 weeks....lol.
  9. Haha I wasn't even going to bother.
    OP, if you're canadian let me know, I know some excellent banks.
  10. I recommend crop king, too. I wouldn't say their "flowering times" are right on but they don't seem any farther off than most seedbanks. Here's my experience. I've ordered from them twice to the USA. I used the recommended more expensive stealth option, which is probably overkill but good insurance. You get extra seeds of what you ordered. I usually get 13 when I order 10.

    Out of 19 seeds started, I got 100% germination, all fens, all grown without any hermies. I've grown their northern lights autos, white widow photos and purple kush photos. The PK and WW are still curing but are damned dank already. The northern lights withstood some really stupid growing mistakes from light burn to mute burn and still produced some very strong smoke. I'm going to run some seeds I got from herbies next but I'm going back for more cropping northern lights.

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  11. Why Crop King?
    Because they have good seeds.
    What's up Canadian Organic?
    Did they burn you burned or something? You seem to really hate them.
  12. I don't understand the negative crop kings posts either, ANY grow journal I have seen where the grower knew his shit and didn'tmake noob mistakes their seeds did great... personally I have ran the White widow as well as the Candy cane auto, both fem, no herms, great yield from the widow and better quality than most clone cuts running around Colorado right now.the candy cane was so so but it was an auto and it didn't exactly get optimum conditions(stayed in a photo room when the photo plants got flipped to 12/12)
    I personally think everyone hates on them cuz of their corny website, with the doofy king guy, and that terrible commercial frm back in the day, other than that, they get u beans very fast, with tracking, and they work.

    Ive moved on to banks that have better selections o specific breed I'm looking for at the time( singleseedcenter, Oregon green seed, dank team, and peakseedsbc) but Cropking is def legit in terms of getting what u pay for

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