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Pure Weed Or Mix With Tobacco

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zarkrom, May 28, 2013.

  1. I've not been high before and my first time will be in about a week with a few good mates. Only thing is they've done it before and are used to mixing there weed with tobacco. I don't wanna do that see. I've not smoked tobacco before either and don't want to. 
    We're in Europe (UK) and it seems like people over here would rather mix there weed with tobacco which to me seems odd. Nicotine and therefore tobacco seem highly addictive whereas weed doesn't. And tobacco is more dangerous. Should i just tell them that i don't want tobacco with my weed or would that be weird. There the ones that know what there doing here you see whereas i'm the newbie?

  2. I have seem people do that with joints and honestly I just don't get it IMO smoke the weed by itself. 
  3. One time I hit a blunt that had tobbacco in it. I gave the guy a dirty look, coughed it out, and asked if he put tobacco in it. When he answered yes, I frowned even more, and politley declined the sesh.
  4. If you bought it I reckon you can tell them you're making a pure one. If not I guess you're gonna have to tag along. People mix to save weed and have a "slightly" better burn, but if you roll it up right you won't really have to.
  5. One of my friends is getting the stuff (a ten bag) and i'm paying half so the stuff will be shared. He will be rolling though cause i don't know how. It's just people over here seem to think it's weird having it pure which i don't get. It saves you from nicotine addiction and you get far less toxins by smoking the weed on it's own.
  6. Its all a regional preference I'm afraid. Even where I live, people like to mix tobacco and will shout at you if you tell them not to. I've had people tell me "you'll die if you take it without tob " , " you wont get up for a week if you take weed without tob you need to dilute it with tob first " and what not. England is also a place where they like to mix tob whearas in the US find it weird to add tob.  
    Unless you smoke alone, Im afraid you'll have to deal with it. Its kinda not right to fight on whether to add tob or not..often go with majority..if its a particular group you can avoid it but theres nothing much you can do when almost everyone prefers adding it. 
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    Are they smoking you up or is It your weed? If its your weed, your rules. If you don't want to smoke tobacco, then just don't smoke with them right now, and wait till next time you can.

    Edit: didn't see your second post, my bad
  8. Yeah I wouldn't do it, luckily it's not near as common around here. I would just suggest it to them, something like "Yo, why don't we make two smaller pure bud ones? Or just roll it all up." 
    -You're not smoking tabacco
    :smoke:  :cool:
  9. to me if you mix it its like a waste of weed
  10. I love the logic behind "tobacco makes it burn better/more even" and how "it saves weed".

    No it doesn't, you inhale the same amount of weed. You just get more smoke from one joint with the tobacco.
  11. pretty much this
  12. PURE! Tobacco makes me vomit!
  13. Just smoke the weed solo ...first time enjoy the pure taste of weed
  14. I think of it as the other way around.
    If you add tobacco to a joint, less weed gets wasted, because less weed is buring the whole time.
    I am also from UK like OP.
    OP if your in England, and your starting up buying £10 bags, then you going to get around 0.7 - 0.9 of weed.
    You can smoke it in a pure joint, but people mix baccy to so that they have more weed left over (in most cases), or to fill up the joint.
    No. If you have one joint worth of weed, and you add 50/50 baccy, you end up with 2 joints. You still have one joint of weed between the two of them. You will smoke them longer than if it was pure, but nothing about adding tobacco will make less smoke get wasted. Sure each hit you will have less thc in the smoke that doesn;t get inhaled, but since you have two joints, you will just be losing small amounts more often.
    Let's assume for the sake of explaining this properly that you inhale 40% of the thc in a pure joint, which is a conservative number, I would guess in reality ti's much less. So 60% gets wasted when you're not inhaling.
    Ok, so now you add your baccy, and now you have two joints. So 40% of the time you're getting smoke, while 60% of the time it gets wasted. In each joint though, half of that smoke is tobacco, half is weed smoke, so each joint you inhale 20% worth of the thc, and 20% worth of tobacco, with 60% total smoke being wasted. Next joint, same thing, another 20/20/60 inhale/loss. So 20%+20% =40% thc inhaled.
    The only thing you changed is it takes you twice as long to inhale the same amount of thc. Which would make the effects less intense since inhaling more thc in one hit tends to hit you harder (bongs) while spacing it out dilute it, so to speak, making it much less intense.
    You're just fooling yourself if you believe you're somehow conserving weed by taking twice as long to smoke it. If you enjoy tobacco, that's one thing, but claiming it somehow conserves is just fallacy.
  16. I like to sprinkle tobacco in my jays because I smoke cigarettes and it gives you a little buzz.

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