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Pure Weed? Or Mix With Tobacco? (Joints Vs Spliffs)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Floral, May 19, 2013.

  1. Joints vs Spliffs
    Alot of people ive seen from the US just roll with pure dope, but literally everyone i know from here (UK) rolls with tobacco and weed mixed. I come from near london so does the area depend? I asked them about why they do it and they go on about it burning better and shit like that. When i do it i use pure dope but im like the only one, and thats mainly cus i hate the taste of tobacco. So cut the shit, what actually is better in terms of smoking effect/experience? Does it really matter or will tobacco actually enhance the burn or whatever? 

  2. Only reason i ever did it was for taste.  :confused_2:
  3. Im from the uk too and I mix baccy with weed too, its just the way it is I guess, given our current climate not many people can afford weed to smoke straight weed in papers. Bongs are good enough for smoking straight weed.
  4. Yeah man i hit bong mostly :bongin: , feels sorta cleaner, but they say its just cus it burns better or something?  :huh:
  5. Just weed is way healthier than putting cancer in your joints. lol ew. Plus you get way higher. It's a win-win. 
  6. "excuse me while light my spliff, good god  i gotta take a lift"
  7. Just researched it and apparently the tobacco, to any non smoker, can give a nicotine headache before the high of the stash kicks in and can make you more likely to whitey not to mention the fact that it can develop an addiction + It wouldnt be filtered, just a paper/card roach, so its gonna be harsh a raw as fuck. Im gonna stick pure  :smoke:
  8. Tobacco is a leading cause of forms of cancer. I would say stray away, okay?
  9. Yea I hit pure weed pipes mate :D Stick pure as much as possible :smoking:
  10. i smoke all my weed with tobacco.  dont start its not a fun habit
  11. Tobacco does actually make weed burn better too by the way
  12. i'm an american and im the opposite of you, all my friends roll pure but i like a good spliff with quality rolling tobacco.
    IMO, if you're going to roll pure you need to use 0.5 gram+, however i can roll a 0.3 g spliff and fill it out with tobacco so it isnt a pinner.
    It actually does help it burn better, especially if the weed wasnt properly dried/cured/flushed etc.
    and it reduces the wast of a joint because its not pure weed smoke trailing off the end of the joint so IMO less thc is wasted.
  13. I have spliffs mostly, love the head high. Short but lasts longer then usual.
  14. Dope? I like just weed, I only use bowls and papers because I like the taste of bud. I guess if it was mids or something I would use a blunt or add tobacco, but I never smoke anything less than dank.
  15. That sucks they cant afford stright weed to smoke in the uk, here in cali where I'm from I could roll 2 to 3 joints for 4 euros. Maybe I'm just lucky with my dealers.
  16. I personally don't really do it to make it burn slower, usually to smoke a small amount of weed w/o a piece, and to get a more relaxed feeling from the tobacco
  17. well its important to remember that in a way, tobacco gets you "high" too, and the nicotine buzz from the tobacco can potentiate the weed high or at least have a synergistic effect from mixing the two highs.
    now, I don't smoke spliffs or cigarettes, but I do love that extra little buzz you get from blunts, or smoking some pipe tobacco after finishing my bud.
    and of course, it does alter the taste of the smoke. whether you like how it tastes is just personal preference.  
  18. If you want a cigarette addiction sure... its not worth it trust me lol
  19. #19 Thomas Hunter, May 21, 2013
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    Pure weed for sure.
    Only time my weed and tobacco come in contact is in a blunt.
    Save the tobacco for the cigarettes you smoke after you blaze. :smoke:
  20. #20 Greenottz, May 21, 2013
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    I'm from the uk and its spliffs all the way.
    Unfortunately, if you're at a UK party, you wont find many people rolling pure.. so in my opinion you're gonna miss out.
    Tobacco DOES help it burn better, i just sprinkle .2 or something on the bottom, add .5 or so of weed and top it off with another .2 of tobacco.
    Whenever i smoke pure, if its not quality, flushed and correctly dried it's WAY harsher. 
    it's also cheaper.. but do expect to become addicted to tobacco quite quickly, and dont make the mistake of taking the moral high ground and not smoking straight tobacco at all, cause you'll end up smoking weed just to feed that addiction.

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