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Pure THC Crystal cubes?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Rasta_Man, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. A dealer and friend of mine recently told me about a new product he came across.

    They're call pure THC Crystal Cubes... obviously this is well possible, i have bought THC crystal before and had alot of fun.

    He claims they will cost me $20 a gram. He has proven to be nothing but a reliable dealer, I'm just checking with the GC community in case this is a possible rip-off. I'm just curious because i've never heard of them before now.

    And if it's as strong as crystal then it's well worth the $20.
  2. ya like he said...jut sounds like lots of compressed kief...which in your case you be very good. 20 a gram of that is a very good deal i would say...
  3. Pure THC is actually a glassy solid at room temperature. For 20 a gram, compressed kief is a fucking steal! Snatch me up some too.
  4. yeah keef for 20 bucks a gram... buy ALOT, heh
  5. I gotta point out, i'm pretty good friends with this guy, he just happened to start dealing. He gives me great deals on bud.

    Thanks for the feedback guys! I'll let you know how it smokes.

    Yeah that was my bad, i shouldn't have called it "pure", i meant that it was entirley THC crystal.
  6. Yeah man, let us know how blazed you get sprinkling a li'l bit of that on a little mound of green. mmmmm
  7. 1g of pressed kief isnt really that much and 20 is about right. Its not hard to get, just buy a screen and make it yourself
  8. Yeah but apparently it takes 8-10 grams to make one. APPARENTLY.

  9. 1g of press kief is 1g, doesn't matter if its pressed or loose. For 20 bucks, thats a good price.
  10. Shit for 20 a g I'd pick up at least an 1/8. Kief is still one of my fav. ways to get bombed.
  11. you cant buy kif on its own round here. But for me in the uk thats abou £40, i wouldnt do it. But thats beaucse our prices are about double over here.
  12. Ive had it, its bomb, ( that is, mine was, I cant vouge for your guy ) but yeah....its nice, crumble some into a joint : )
  13. ^^ ha ha i did my conversion the wrong way around, it would only be 11£, yeah i would do it for that.
  14. Hey just a suggestion, i'm not saying you are dumb or anything so don't get offended.........If this pure THC crystal is a white rock. . . don't buy it unless you wanna get cracked out. . . . .don't think it can happen?

    When i was 15 a guy told me he could get some dank white opium. I was like hell yeah! It would've been the first opium experience.......crush it up into a blunt and started smokin. . .we knew something was up when we noticed the really distinct taste of burning rubber. . . . .that shit had me fucked up in ways i will never dare to go again.......say no to crack
  15. LMAO, dont mean to be rude, but that is funny as hell.
  16. ROFL that is hilarious. Yet horrible at the same time

    Your story should be a anti-crack commercial:smoke:
  17. I agree.
    Depends on the quality of your weed. There are plenty of ways to speed up kif production like storing the grinder in the freezer, drying the bud out well or curing properly, etc. And if you store the day's smoke in your grinder, it will constantly be building up without you even thinking about it.

    20/g is pretty standard tho if you do go through w/ it. :wave:
  18. ye me and a buddy made some kief with some bomb bud which was completely dried and cured for 3-4 weeks, the ratio was about 5g to 1g still well worth it if you have extra lying around :smoking:
  19. opium isn't crack. two completely different highs. i still wouldn't recommend crack though.

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