Pure power plant . New grower

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ScouseEFC, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. Just started growing pure power plant can you help me with
    Light times ?
    How much water an when to water?
  2. Why are my leafs going yellow ?
  3. Lighting times for vegetation cycles can be anywhere from 24/0 to 16/8. When you want to flower (after a month or so) , set the schedule to 12/12. Water when the soil is dry about an inch and a half down. And water until a little comes out of the bottom.

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  4. Never heard of 16/8 veg time but, to each their own. I've used a 18/6 light schedule for veg and for flower a 12/12 schedule. Best to learn by trial and error to see what your plant likes best. Good luck

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  5. My PPP is an auto does that change the lighting times
    And thanx for the help
  6. I recommend doing a constant 20/4 cycle on it throughout its life depending on your temperatures. With autoflowers the lighting does not need to be changed. The plant flowers upon maturity, not light.

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  7. The thing is that when I turn my lights off the heat drops from 27 to. 19 In space ov 2 hours .
    If I leave the lights on 24/7 will that reduce the yield ?
    And have you grown pure power plant auto ?
    My set up is 1.5m by 1.5m and 2m high tent with a 600w light
    2 foot long 4 floresent lights
    4" inlet fan
    I have 11plants in 25 liter pots
    Can anybody tell me if this is a good or bad setup
  8. That temperature variation should be okay.. 24/0 will yield you more, but you should definitely consider less if you're sitting around 27 degrees C. I've never grown pure power plant myself, no. What size pots are you using?

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  9. Am using 25 liter pots
    What do you mean consider less
    What temp do you recommend
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