Pure Indica's

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by MrBurnz, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Anyone have some suggestions for pure Indicas.

  2. Dude I wanna know too! Alot of seed banks will tell you their type but I'm curious what the city stoners are currently into. I'd like to know some Sativas as well. :)
  3. go to the attitude seedbank and type in 100% indica and it will come up with every single one that they carry. afghans are the most pure indicas haah i think one strain is called pure afghan which is absolutly pure indica. hope this helps.
  4. Yea, Afghan is 100% indica, and for Organics Finest, Haze is a pure Jamacain Sativa if I'm not mistaken, but a little harder to grow.
  5. Man I love some Hazes!! Currently my Super Lemon is a star in my garden but Id love to try some Haze. I am always up to challenge but it seems not many plants are more difficult then another for me. Only one I recall being fussy is Big Bang from Green House Seeds. Thank you for the recommendation
  6. actually i think haze is a mix of sativa landraces
  7. just postin what I read, thanks
  8. I'm growing Afghani at the moment and that is a pure indica its supposed to be the best of its kind.

    Cant say what the smoke is like yet but ill let you know when i hit it up. Its supposed to knock you out its the shit.

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