Pure ignorance

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  1. I can't believe people are still publishing this kind of BS:

    The Reality Check » Blog Archive » Marijuana Much Riskier Than Alcohol

    I couldn't help but laugh at the comment.

    "Three weeks after my son told me he was smoking marijuana he was dead. I found out later that someone had also dropped LSD into his drink at a party. BUT – he specified marijuana when he talked with me. He was not himself. As I read this it was like he was back sharing his depression. He came home during the holidays, got the shotgun, went into the woods next to our house, and shot his brains into a tree."
  2. Ridiculous, just some misguided pastor preaching nonsense. I love how the poster in the article says "stoned agin" :rolleyes:
  3. If you happen to be driving down the road and you become distracted or psychotic and hit me, or worse–my wife or daughter–you are an eminent hazard

    :confused: when has that ever happened?
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    "The cannabis smoked today, referred to as “skunk” (or AK-47, White Widow, Armageddon), is readily accessible online."

    whaaaat? :confused:
    are they saying you can order weed online? rofl

    "It’s amazing how much people don’t know about marijuana…"
    oh the irony..
  5. WHERE! ive spent a great deal of time looking for a good M.O.M site and i can tell you they just aint out there. Pure ignorance is right. I can go to the store and buy a toxic substance that makes me beat my wife and crash my car.

    But yet if i get caught with the buds of a harmless plant then im a criminal. The world is a messed up place.
  6. exactly. the only bad thing about marijuana is the ignorance surrounding it.

    and while legalization may never completely work in our society, at least decriminalize it. no need to punish innocent cannabis users because the general public believe any bs propaganda shoved down their throats

    and marijuana causes psychosis? yeah right. since I started smoking I hear voices and I go crazy, and can't control myself :eek: If anything could have set off the kid's depression again, how about the "acid" someone "dropped in his drink"? the article is a load of sh*t along with the believers
  7. The article was clearly written by an idiot. It doesn't even read properly. It's also (obviously) highly subjective and when you break it down, nothing more than suggestive.
  8. im sure the people behind that website would like to see alcohol banned again as well. Got to go with the ignorance call on this one too. People who have never been exposed to it and all they know is what they saw in a reefer madness video have no grasp of reality whn it comes to marijuana. Thankfully this mentality is becoming less and less of the norm, though these thoughts are still widely held in a few demographics

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