Pure Green Light For Dark-Time Gardening

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by awek420, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. I have read so many mixed opinions on this..

    I special ordered a pure green (530nm) LED bulb that fits a standard house socket.

    Anytime I need to check on things or do anything in the garden during dark hours, I will just flip the switch and the room will be illuminated a deep green.

    I don't often need to access the garden after hours, but there are those certain occasions.

    So does anyone have any thoughts on this? Good idea, bad idea?

    I'll never have it on longer than 5 minutes or so anyhow.

    It's even deeper green in person. Phone camera makes it look a bit brighter. 1459214616398.jpg

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  2. If it's really a pure green light then I don't see a problem, but most so-called green lights are not really pure green lights so they might emit some other wavelengths of light that a plant can absorb. When I was much younger working in a very well established green house I was always taught that disturbing any plant during their dark cycle was a no-no, period. Old Farmer Johnson's would always say, don't ever disturb my plants when they are sleeping, because if you do that I will show up at your house at 3 in the morning and disturb you.
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  3. Absolutely, disturbing the plants is something to avoid.

    But there are times where I cannot avoid it. Like if I need to peak in at the temp/humidity, or check the fans, or any number of other small tedious tasks in the garden.

    The main reason it's harder to avoid in my situation, is because the lights are on during the night, and off all day long. So I have to do all my gardening late at night. But sometimes on a hot day, I need to peak in mid day to see if another fan or something is needed to cool things off, or vice versa on a cool day, or something like that.

    But I'm with you, if you can help it don't disturb them at all.

    As for the light, it is absolutely pure, true green. Not a painted bulb, or a green lens, but actual green LED diodes. 525nm-530nm. I might take a couple of the diodes out though, it's brighter than need be.

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  4. If it's a pure green bulb, it's not going to do any harm at all. As a matter of fact, we have just a plain old fluorescent in our room that hubs installed for that. It's hardly ever turned on, but if we need to work in there to make changes or do other things, it gives us some light other than the hot flowering lights, to work by. Hubs even forgot and left it on one night for 24 hours and it didn't do anything to the crop, so it takes more than what you would think to create drama in the flower room. LOL Let us know how it goes with it. I've threatened to order one of those myself. TWW
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  5. Thanks TWW, solid answer!

    I special ordered this one, took forever to find one that is truly a pure green (between 525 and 535 nm), and fits a normal bulb socket.

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  6. I know that I've had nanners pop up on plants that sit immediately near things like dehumidifiers or fans that have a power light of some sort, but that's constant light for a long time.

    This bulb will never be on for more than a few minutes anyways.

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  7. I may need to speak to someone who knows a thing or 2 about LED chips lol. I don't know how to cut some of the diodes to make the bulb less bright, without cutting power to the others.

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  8. I waited for like 26 days for this damn bulb to show up from China or some crap, I don't wanna screw it up lol.

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  9. Talked with a local grow shop owner, and we were comparing the specs of my light to the photo-plant safe green LED head lamps they sell in their shop.

    The spectrum of the head lamp is 535nm according to manufacturer specs, and the spectrum of my bulb is 532nm. Virtually the same spectral output.

    Each diode in my bulb is rather large though, and overall lumen output is far greater than the headlamps LED's. So I'd really like to take a couple out, or cover the light to diffuse it a bit more.

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  10. Anyone interested in getting one for themselves, let me know an I'll PM you a link. I bought it off a wholesale site that ships out of China, so be prepared to wait a while for shipping, but the prices are dirt cheap. This light cost me 2 bucks with shipping.

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