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Pure cannabis joints?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GoodoldPaddy, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. I know this will seem a strange question on the forum considering the majority are US tokers who always smoke cannabis pure but being that I live in the UK a pure cannabis joint is simply not the done thing but I'm sick of the unhealthy convention of smoking spliffs and am wondering roughly how much cannabis would be needed for a joint?
  2. About as much as rolling a handrolled cig
  3. grind up a lot of weed, too much weed. then you put it in your paper and decide for yourself.
  4. Thankyou for the swift replies much appreciated:smoking:
  5. Rule of thumb for a 'normal' spliff, is that you get 5 (what I consider to be slightly small) joints out of an 8th, or about three and a half grams. So about 0.7g-1g for one. Another way of looking at it, is you can simply use whatever you feel comfortable fitting in your paper :)
  6. Yeah, you can just eyeball it and see what you think is good. Maybe start with like .5g and ramp it up or down from there, depending on your tolerance, preferences, etc.

    But as someone else said, whatever you're comfortable fitting in your paper. I never weigh my joints out like some people lol i think that's a little ridiculous. I just start loadin it up and stop when I think it's done.
  7. Cheers, also I was wondering about the way in which a joint burns because I'v always heard in the UK that joints burn poorly and need regularly relighting is this to be expected or perhaps just a defense for the custom of mixing tobacco and cannabis as it is claimed the tobacco allows a better burn?
  8. depends on the papers. i like to roll my joints with about .7-1.0 g's makes them a pretty good size and gets the job done
  9. if you can roll worth a damn you shouldn't have a problem with the paper trailing or the cherry going out
  10. Doesn't really matter, however much you want.

    If you don't use enough you just end up with a pinner.
  11. I will probably roll with around 1g for a Joint then should be a tastier interesting smoke and won't be detrimental to my health and I'm a decent roller so I look forward to ditching spliffs, much appreciated blades:cool:
  12. Pure joints smoke fine as long as they're rolled well, not too tight and not too loose, but the same goes for the mixed joints (I don't touch the 'baccy myself though). You'll notice you have to change your style slightly, loose to tight, depending on the grade and resin content of the herb you're using. More oily and dank bud is more difficult to joint perfectly on its own until you've been doing it awhile.
  13. I look forward to rolling a cannabis only tobacco really has never been my thing but not many toke pure and I have therefore always seen spliffs as the way to toke and bongs but even for bongs tobacco is usually used.
  14. if you have a fairly low tolerance go get a rolling machine (its just 2 cylinders on a stand with a piece of canvas around the cylinders) because the beauty of them is you can roll much smaller joints than you could by hand, also i'd recomend one even if you dont use it for that because it rolls a perfect J everytime.
  15. How much herb would be required for a joint using such a device?
  16. I usually put about .7 grams in a joint.
  17. Buy a ten bag and grind it all up. Roll it until you can't roll no more into it. The same amount of product as you would put into a mix.
  18. That would be juicy lol get about 1.6g in ten bag
  19. idk the exact wieght but i have made one with 2 rather small pinches of weed

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