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Pure Blend Pro Nutrient Feeding Schedule

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by alanray, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. I'm just starting off on my first hydro grow and I have Botanicare Pure Blend Pro (grow and bloom) and Botanicare Liquid Karma. I'm wondering what sort of feeding schedule I should use. I don't know if I should use the official one I found online here but I remember reading somewhere that the feeding schedules from nutrient companies are often way off. So what would be a good feeding schedule for me to follow? Thanks in advance.
  2. Rock'n choice in nutes my friend.... been using them for years and here's how:

    First - I use ONLY Pureblend Pro Bloom and CalMag... leave the Grow at the store, no need for it.

    Second - Notice there's CalMag...that's because PBPB does not contain enough Calcium/Mag for our plants. Thus, nute strength will look good but plant will show signs of Cal/Mag def's.

    Third, Last - Here's my feeding regime

    Sprout/Seedling (about 1-2 weeks from sprout) - Nothing
    Clones - 5ml PBPB per gal
    Young Plant - 10ml PBPB per gal
    Mature Plant - 15ml PBPB per gal
    Flowering Plant - 15ml PBPB/5ml CalMag per gal until flush

    That's it... nice n simple with awesome results!
  3. Thanks man, that's very helpful. Unfortunately I didn't pick up any of the CalMag, but I definitely will.
  4. I've found that to be true when feeding with most nutrients - there's often a cal/mag deficiency.

    To me it looks like that comes mainly from the unwillingness of most of the nutrient companies to admit what they're selling nutes for. Yeah, we're all growing hydroponic pansies... So it's no wonder that when they sell us repackaged tomato nutrients that we end up feeding our MJ an improper balance.

    I'm sticking with the guys that don't hide what they stand for. You make nutrients designed for feeding cannabis? Fine, say so. Advanced Nutrients and very few others have the balls to do that. Mad respect for them on that.
  5. And because Advanced Nutrients directly associates with cannabis, no local grow store in my region will stock them.

    Thus the end result is that they are less accessible.
  6. I use pretty much what you use. Curious as why you dont use PBPG? Also what about Sweet? Also, it sounds like you do hydro. So do you use the soil version or just hydro versions of PBPB? I use both. I have ebb and flow sys with 4 plants 4 weeks into flwr.
    U sound like you r expcd. I just started so info you have could be useful.
  7. i use pro grow, liquid karma, sweet citrus, sweet berry, cal mag ,power flower and soon to use the ripe and i love every single one

    botanicare is great and when i use the nutes that are one part(pro grow , bloom, power flower, etc) i use them at 1/2 strength when i use them with the supplements. and also i use the supplements usually at full strength

    feeding schedule is all about how many products you use in conjunction of one another

    my feeding schedule is (USUALLY):

    one part products=1/2 recommended strength
    supplements=full strength

    and btw you only need cal mag if your using distilled or RO water usually tap water gives it plenty of whats found in cal mag
  8. I got an email today that offers another explanation, actually. Allegedly other companies are strong-arming shop owners to boycot AN, saying that if the shop carries Advanced Nutrients they (the company doing the blackmailing) won't sell to them anymore.

    Check it out for yourself: Storeowners Strong-Armed Video

    The guy is kinda worked up in the video, but I figure there's got to be some truth to it.

  9. You need to step back into the real world.

  10. Thats explanation is 1% of why some stores might now want to carry AN. You would have to have been in the industry for the last 10 years to know all the truth.
  11. When using botanicare nutrients, should i water once with nutrients then with regular water and alternate? Ex: nutrient water one day, regular water next day, then nutrient water again etc...

    Or should i water with solely the nutrient solution once the plants are accustomed?
  12. bump. any input?
  13. nutes every watering for max potential and a week of only water in the last week of flowering
  14. Are you seriously suggesting that in the "real world" most hydroponic nutrients are marketed towards non-cannabis applications? Get real.

    The home hydroponic enthusiast who is actually not growing cannabis is not shelling out for any of the major nutrient brands. They just cost WAY too much if you're growing lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, or whatever.

    Not to even get into the fact that there's no way a few veggie growers are buying enough nutes to keep even ONE company in business. And the commercial guys are infinitely more likely to make their own nutes on site than buy a pre-mixed alternative.

    The real world truth is that any company that's seriously marketing nutrients for hydroponics knows their primary consumer is growing MJ. The ones that have the testicular fortitude to stand up and admit it are few and far between, and also the ones I'm inclined to support with my money. We don't make the world a better place by being embarrassed to stand up for what we believe in.

  15. Just to offer another possible explanation, I was talking to my local hydroponics store owner and he said that AN charges something like $15,000 just to carry their products and then another monthly or yearly fee on top. Therefore, it is just economically feasible for most small hydroponic stores to carry them.
  16. AN is evil, i only use Pro Bloom and Cal mag also and ho2o!!! some liquid karma works well on your younglings.
  17. There's nothing more "evil" about Advanced Nutrients than any other company, and I've seen a hell of a lot more good out of AN than most. They do a lot of charity work.

    I mentioned this to my local shop and they laughed at the idea. They said the margins on nutes just weren't big enough to allow them to make a profit on anything if they had to pay extra just to be able to stock it.
  18. i use pbpg with good results, i'd be interested in why not to...i'm no expert so i like suggestions and advice, but i also like proof behind those suggestions! i don't use calmag because i use pbpg which has enough, at least my plants think so! but willing to listen...also to chime in on AN...i used to use AN products until i went to my local grow store, in which the owner owns a couple dispensaries in Denver, and the owner told me about The ongoing child rape case on "Gino"!
    whether its true or not, just being involved in such a case deters me from ever buying AN products again! And this is, from what i hear, why most stores won't carry AN!
  19. what can i use for nutrients for a soil grow that i can get from walmart or lowes
  20. I had some success using Alaska fish emulsion fertilizer & Alaska morbloom fish emulsion fertilizer you can check out my grows here cushion of air

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