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  1. Hello everybody!

    First time posting but ive read some pretty good info off this forum. I've got a question, i've been using pure blend bloom "the original" for about 2yrs now and love the stuff. Recently ran out and went to get some more and to my surprise the store no longer carries pb original and only has pro. I bought it not even knowing there was a difference until i got home and realized the npk ratio on pro is way different then on the original. Not to my surprise the workers at the store had no idea what the difference is. One worker even said that pro is just the new version of pure blend which cant be true cause they're not the same thing and botanicare still makes both. After that i went to two other stores. second store also only had pro and didnt know what pb original was, third store had both but didnt know what the difference was and also said pb pro is the new pb original. They also said that nobody buys pb original and because of that they sold me the few gallons of pb original for $15 a pop, which is pretty good considering i normally pay like 40-50/ gal. Can anybody help clear up the difference between the two? maybe which one is better and how you use it? maybe? hope that makes sense
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    Kinda late reply but oh well...

    First of all, they are definitely NOT the same thing:

    Pure Blend ORIGINAL (Grow & Bloom) are both mostly organic. That's why the NPK ratio is so much lower than the Pure Blend Pros. They are labelled as "Supplements" but you can definitely use them by themselves as your base nutrients. If you want to grow organic, Pure Blend Original is the way to go. But remember, it's not 100% organic, it's mostly organic... that's why it's not listed on the OMRI database. Botanicare has some OMRI listed organic products, but none of these Pure Blend Original or Pure Blend Pros qualify for OMRI.

    Pure Blend PRO (Grow & Bloom) does have organic components in them but they are by no means "Organic". Just cuz they put a few organic materials in it doesn't make the whole formulation organic, right? So many people think they are growing "organic" just cuz they're using Pure Blend Pro but it doesn't even qualify being called that... it has a dash (or more) of organic materials, that's it.

    You can usually tell by the NPK ratios if a product is organic or chemically derived (but not always). Lower NPK ratios tend to be more organic than higher NPK ratios. This is not always the case, but usually it is.

    Which one is better?
    Well, you will get better results by using the Pro, but you get peace of mind by using the Original. This is not to say you will get bad results with the Originals, far from it. They will both work great, and I can see from your post that you love it, so you know it's good! It depends on what you want. If you don't care about growing plants with fertilizers containing questionable chemicals which you will smoke later that may cause long term health issues to your body, go with the Pros. If you do care about what's going into your body and would rather be "safe than sorry" and know that most of the fertilizer is made with organic environmentally friendly ingredients, go with the Originals.

    How to use it?
    Instructions on the amount of fertilizer to add to a gallon of water are all on the label of the container. Which can also be found on their website in PDF and text format.

    My Recommendation:
    Botanicare makes GOOD STUFF and they don't over-charge you. What more could you want? If you are going to stick with Botanicare, this is what I recommend from their product line:

    1. Pure Blend Original/Pro - Grow
    2. Pure Blend Original/Pro - Bloom
    3. Liquid Karma
    4. Cal-Mag

    That is all you need in terms of nutrients. As a side note, I would go for the Originals over the Pro, but that's just me :)
    Hope this helped.
    wow i have no idea when i posted this:smoking:

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