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pure blend feeding schedule

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by sevnofspades, Jan 6, 2009.

  1. anyone use pure blend in their res? Just curious as too what your schedule is...

  2. Yupper! It's a truly awesome nutrient mix bro! However, here's how I use it:

    Pure Blend Pro BLOOM ONLY (no grow)
    Seedling: 5ml per gal
    Mid plant: 10ml per gal
    Flowering to Flush: 15ml per gal

    CalMag (this is a MUST with PBP)
    Seedling: 0ml
    Mid Plant: 0ml
    Flowering to Flush: 5ml per gal

    Hydroguard (another must IMHO for dro)
    Seedling to flush: 10ml per gal

    There ya have it! Works like a fuckin' champ....enjoy!
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    why no grow?
  4. yea that is interesting....please do tell
  5. The soil formula above seems to have enough n-p-k to run for the full grow as shown above. You could also go up in strength if needed in the peak flowering weeks of your strain. I would add some guano myself.
  6. I never really liked pure blend. It seems like they stopped partway through formulating it and then just released it.

    Like that part of absolutely having to have Cal/Mag. Why formulate it so horribly deficient in calcium and magnesium? Why not simply do like the good nutrient companies (like Advanced Nutrients) and put enough in there to begin with.

    I can run nothing but base nutrients in Advanced Nutrients - no additives at all - and I have no deficiencies and no lock-outs. It's balanced right. With Pure Blend I have to add extra stuff to fix what was wrong with it to begin with. Makes no sense.
  7. I do believe that pure blend was designed to be used with tap water that usually has enough cal n mag already in it so if using r-o water u need to add cal/mag not 100% but that was the way i understood it

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