Pure 3 perc 25 inch bong vs Lux Mini

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  1. Hi everyone I gotta choice I have to make by the end of tonight and was looking for some help as I dont know too much about bong quality. Ive got a PURE 3 tree 3 perc 25" i could get at 230 and a Lux mini beaker bottom 14" 5 arm single perc w/ splashguard at 250 and cant really decide which to choose. Any help in deciding would be appreciated. I dont know whether the 9 arms in the PURE bong would give me a better rip than the 5 arm tree in the lux mini. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. LUX

    I've got a RooR.us zumo 5-arm, that is basically the same thing but with a wider tube diameter. Lux's percs are reinforced and the glass is top quality. Such good quality that they are rebadged and sold as RooRs. Pure is china glass, plain and simple.
  3. lol is this a serious question? lux alllll day. that pure would take atleast 3 draws to clear because of all the fucking drag. the lux will be a smooth hit and clear in half a second.
  4. Lux mini for sure, there are many instances in which picking by the name brand is a bad idea but it's crucial in your situation. Pure has some large tubes with multiple percs but Pure is the only established brand I've heard of with entirely shattered pieces, internally broken percs, terrible drag, broken beakers, sheared joints. Yours might be an exception but its still a risk. The lux might not be as large or diffusing as the Pure but you can be sure that you have a classy, smooth-hitting and reliable tube
  5. Go with the lux you will thank yourself later.
  6. thank you to everyone that replied. Didnt realize the choice was so obvious. Ill def be going with the lux then.
  7. :hello: we need to stop supporting china's economy! buy nice bongs people....
  8. its all good man, thats what this site is for. believe me, before you know it youll be in all these peoples positiion helping others out :bongin:
  9. Lux!!! Picked up a Lux mini straight tube with 5 Arm diff tree perc with splash gaurd and ice notches today! Hits amazing!
  10. Go with the Lux man. It's a really nice little tube, smooth and clears easy. Nice and solid also.
  11. I've been lookin same as you and of those 2 choices, I'd take the Lux!
  12. i have the lux mini perc and its awesome
    that price is pretty high though man...
    i only paid 180 for mine
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qgqY1J_Yx6Q"]YouTube - Lux Mini Perc Bong Hit Of Platinum OG[/ame]

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