Purchasing Weed In Colorado And Washington?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by cheechandchong123, Jun 4, 2013.

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    Hey, I know that weed is just decriminalized in colorado and washington as of now.  So the buying and selling of it is illegal but you can posses it. When do you think that, that will change so that you can buy it in a store from a reputable business? Do you think that when it does change there will be packs of joints in almost every gas station and corner store? Do you think that Camel or Marlboro will start packaging joints along with tobacco?
    Sorry for all the questions its just that history is in the making and we're living in it! :smoke:

  2. Both states are working on a distribution scheme. In the case of Washington State the distribution will be through their liquor control board. I assume dispensaries will dispense the marijuana in well packaged, child proof, labeled containers clearly stating the strain, %THC/CBD, lot #, quantity ect. In Colorado's case they will utilize dispensaries to dispese marijuana. It is safe to assume the same rigid standards of packaging and identifying each lot #, potency, ect. You will not see 7-elevens selling packs of pre rolled pot.
  3. I was in Denver this past weekend checking out places to live. Went down to LoDo on friday night and took me 5 min to find 1/8 of some dank strawberry cough for $20. Only had to ask 1 person. Can't wait to make the move
  4. That's the kind of story I like to hear. Blessings to the citizens of Washington state and Colorado.
    Just moved to WA a few weeks ago. Havent had that kinda luck yet, but then again i dont know the hotspots
  6. Which area you live in?
    There is no shame on asking ppl around at bars in WA...and if your near Oregon you can get medical as an out of state resident there.
  7. Im in anacortes...yeh bars would be a good idea, just didnt wanna come off as shady
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    Not at all man..it's less shady now thank goodness...cops aren't wasting money on trying to set some guy up selling weed in a bar now. You look into getting a MMJ card? I was asking ppl all around for the hookup when I was in Bellingham before Ileft.
  9. MMJ card would be whats up, but gotta get a state ID first. from stuff ive been reading its fairly hard to get one now
    and esp with so many new folks moving up here
  10. I cum a bit reading these posts...
    I don't know about the prices in Washington, but I know it can be pretty spendy to get an MMJ card in some places. I think it's like $200 in Oregon? Something like that... I honestly wouldn't bother if I were in Washington, because it's probably going to be available for purchase without a card by the end of the year. 
    For now, I would just ask around and let go of the fear of seeming shady. It's legal there. Not legal for people to sell yet of course but most people probably aren't going to assume that you're a fed looking to bust them on a minor small-time dealing charge. And if they do assume that and don't want to hook you up... you've lost nothing. Just gotta keep trying until you find someone who will hook you up. :smoking: 
  12. Yes that is all that' matters in life. Being able to find a sac. SMH
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    I have a scholarship to go to school there u @#&!

  14. As soon as legally possible I plan to move to a state where I can legally consume marijuana. To me the issue is simple, I believe I have the right to enjoy herb. The state I currently live in disagrees and wants to punish me for smoking the herb. I cannot change the law here, I cannot change the mindset of the legislators or the prosecutor or the judge. The only way I can do what I enjoy legally is to move where it is legal. That is why we will see a mass exodus of young workers leaving states where legalization is far off and punishment is close at hand.
  15. This...
    Cali residents seem to forget that not every state has it as good as them..we all talk about how marijuana is harmless,and has benefits..so why should people be subjected to getting fucked in the ass in their respective states for small amounts?
  16. No need for the name-calling, keep it chill :smoking:
  17. Jerzeslugga....Forgive me for laying down and rolling over but at my age, and in my circumstance I have resigned to ...If you can't beat 'em...join em. N Cali seems like a nice place to live, it is affordable, I am sure I can find a good job and live my life with some amount of dignity enjoying my smoke on my personal time. In my case Arkansas is not going to change it's laws. Even IF they vote in medical...which they will in 2014, This state will still penalize non perscription card holders busted for pot. The ballot intitative that was on our last ballot was very strict as far as qualifiers to get a perscription. To me it much easier, and far less risky to move and start over in a new place. Cali is so cool that they passed a law that states a potential employer cannot ask about a marijuana felony over 2 yrs old....how cool is that?
  18. That's good on ya..
    Im moving away from my state my damn self...quite frankly any state where they still fuck over marijuana users shouldn't deserve to get any money from me.Specially when the reason it is illegal is because of brainwashing, and racism...
  19. The state id part or mmj?
    State id just need to show proof of address..as far ass qualifying conditions in WA...I was gonna get one before I moved..my buddy got one and just talked with the doctor about his pain and got it...

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