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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Platonic, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Hello,
    I'm just wondering if anyone here has delay in delivery when order from GC?
    I've ordered my goods since last week and GC is still unable to provide me the
    delivery confirmation.

  2. Have you tried calling them?
  3. I would call or e-mail.
  4. You wouldn't get delivery confirmation until it has actually been delivered. You must have ment tracking number?? PM Superjoint and he'll look into it.

  5. Noted, I've made the order since 16th September 2009 and I'm waiting anxiously for the goods.

    Thank you so much. :wave:
  6. It all depends on what shipping you used. Plus, if an order is being shipped overseas, it takes a little longer.

    Here's info on shipping and what you need to obtain a tracking number if that's what your after.

    Please do NOT PM Superjoint. Support is who you need to contact either using the support@grasscity.com email address or using the Support page at the Shop.
  7. please check delivery times here: Grasscity.com support :: What shipping methods are available?

    or contact support, thank you

  8. Sorry for suggesting that :confused:

  9. It's cool, Fungardner. I've done it too in the past. SJ's just a lot busier now and a PM might be missed and no one wants a missed PM when it comes to things like this. :)
  10. I've tried to email but there was no reply yet.
    I'm attempting to call them but I suppose it went to the message system.

    Could any kind souls here can advise on the international calling format;

    13200 - 31 - 001 - 419 - 491 - 7504

    13200 - My country IDD activation call
    31 - Netherland country code
    001 - 419 - 491 - 7504 - GC contact
  11. Did you check the link that SJ and I gave you about shipping? I saw in your post that you made the order on the 16th. If your in the US, then you need to be patient. It has to travel overseas and through customs to get to you. Plus, there has to be processing of your order before it's shipped.

    If you signed up with an account in the Shop and used International Registered Mail, you'll have a tracking number. Otherwise, you won't. Unless, you used Fed Ex/UPS for shipping to another country. I don't know. That info hasn't been provided in this thread.

    There's normally a 24-72 hour turn around in Support, I think. using the Support page and the support email are going to be better ways to work this out.

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