Purchasing Concentrates For Vape Pen.

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  1. Hey guys, just curious as to if I have to be a medical marijuana patient to purchase vape pen oil cartridges? I'm looking into buying a vape pen for dry herb, but I would obviously rather have smooth concentrates. Is it possible? I also do not live in a state that provides medical marijuana :/
  2. All you need to do is be of legal smoking age :) and most dont make you prove it with physical evidence, just check a box or click a link, that's it . Have a credit/debit card too for filling orders, they pretty much figure anyone with one is old enough to buy ecig parts :D you have to agree that u are of age in almost any site u order from.
  3. I'm of legal age, but I may have posted that question wrong. Could I purchase the actual concentrates without being a patient? I'd rather not make thr oil myself.
  4. No sir you cannot :( What state are u in?
  5. Didn't think so :(

    and NC
  6. I bet you can still find other ways of obtaining concentrates :) I was blown away last week when in Hawaii that wax is extremely popular there..actually had some of the best shatter I've ever dabbed over there..
  7. I know methods of making dabs, just never tried. I have friends that have made dabs, but they say the homemade way with butane doesn't yield much compared to the amount of weed that goes into making it.
  8. You don't yield nearly anything lol. An ounce of bomb buds , riddled with Trichomes, may still only yield 6-10 grams max. That's why it's expensive and most people don't like to make their own unless they have a very large supply. I remember my first run and thought "That entire grocery bag made 20grams?!?! WTF?!"
  9. Yeah lol it seems to basically just be a waste, even though the ran weed can still be used for edibles or even smoked, I believe (would taste absolutely horrible).
  10. I never reuse it after its been shot through a tube i just throw it out.
    Honestly i run a quarter at a time, get like 1.5g-2g out of it, and it'll last me a good amount longer than the quarter of bud would. But each persons different too. 

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