Purchasing a Stem and Bowl to create DIY bong

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  1. Hello everyone, recently I have wanted to have my own bong. However, my parents commit the horrible act of surprise visits and I can't have a large glass work of art that will be hard to hide if I find myself in a pinch. The thought of just purchasing a stem and bowl came into my mind and I was wondering if anyone out there could tell me what parts I would need to purchase to just have the tools to create a DIY bong out of a water bottle without having to go ghetto on the stem and bowl. I've heard of male and female parts which confused me and I was wondering if anyone could link me to the right website or just tell me what to get to make this happen. Thanks!
  2. standard down stem and a bowl. the downstem will show up as 18/14 in specs as 18mm joint outer and 14mm inner and the bowl is 14mm.

    and for holes and such if you using heavier plastics such as Gatorade bottles then stop by a hobby shop and ask for a body hole reamer they are anywhere between $5-20 pending on looks. and if done right will make an air tight seal but a 1/4 turn more and you might need a sealer, so it is advised to cut then see and cut again till it fits. or grab another bottle/ unexpected carb hole

    also look out for bottles with a rubber layer under the cap, they make the best seals
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  3. Awesome, thank you
  4. get yourself a "poke and smoke" its a bowl/stem with a pointy end so you can just jab it through a water bottle when your done toss the bottle and hide your new poke and smoke discreetly. best of luck @(*~*)@

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