Purchasing a mid end vap $200-240

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Nujabes GC, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Hey GC, a little background first.
    I'm a college student and I do enjoy my magic flight vaporizer a lot but I'm looking for something more efficient that gets me TOASTED. I've been saving a bit and can spend around 200-240 cash for a vaporizer. I've only tried a vap with a whip once so I don't have much experience in the mid end vap department, this is where you guys come in.

    Need recommendations from people who have owned several types over the years.

    I wouldn't mind a bag vaporizer but a whip seems fine to me as well, whichever gets me higher.

    Ones I've been considering include the Airizer extreme Q (can do both whip or bag), Silver surfer, Vap Bro's. Portability isn't an issue whatsoever. I'm open to other suggestions too!

    What do you guys think? :smoke:
  2. If your thinking whip vape go with Silver Surfer or DaBuddah. IMO they would be PERFECT for a dorm ..as a matter of fact I have a surfer in mine lol.

    I used to have a launch box as well and a good plug-in whip style blows it away

    ..and just saying, a good bong is always a good addition to your dorm lol :bongin:
  3. thx for the advice, fortunately I'll be living off campus next semester. And I do have a bong already :)

    This guy is selling a SS on craigs for 150, hopefully nobody has picked it up yet :D
  4. An SSV for under 200 is a steal, good luck man
  5. Agreed, I have a MFLB and a DBV, I love both. I revape my weed from MFLB in DBV and get mega stoned :D. MFLB is great portable stealth, DBV is a Forked Up kind of High :hello:
  6. And DBV and SSV both word soo good in the bong
    and i always feel that bag vape hits are sorta airy
  7. I got Da Buddha Vape 3 weeks ago and I have had nothing but great highs with it. First time I used it I was stonedddd to the max, (but I had smoked 7 bowls that day because I was so excited about receiving it).

    The only complaint I have is that the silicon tube that enters the end of the bowl piece ALWAYS falls out. Either someone pulls it out or it loses grip. Anyone else have this issue with the DBV?

  8. i use a lil bit of electrical tape on the end wrapped around the tube and the last inch of the wand
  9. Idk if you know, but you're supposed to twist it to lock it into place once it's inserted.

    OP, I agree with the DBV or SSV.
    ALSO, the quality of a vape is not determined by it's price. The DBV and SSV are both VERY solid and sturdy units, with not much glass so there's a small risk of breakage, and if either of the glass parts DO break, they're easily replaceable and cheap.
    Read on fuckcombustion.com for TONS of vape info if you haven't, including a discussion for all models.
    The DBV and SSV are regarded as the best whip style vapes out there.
    You can get blemished SSVs from the manufacturer's eBay store (Higher Elevations) for $190 and blemished DBVs for $130, just gotta make sure the voltage is right.
    The DBV also retails under $200.
    Both are great for tasty vapor clouds and the tubing also fits snugly into a 14mm joint for vaporbonging.
  10. I've had an extreme q for a while and I'm a big fan - the whip is great when you're alone (packing "elbow" bowls is the bomb - you can probably find information about that on fc or something) & bags are great for when you have friends over, especially if everyone is drunk and/or you're vaping with girls/friends who don't smoke weed because it's super easy to use and there's nothing to break!

    If you plan on strictly vaping by yourself then I would also look into the SSV because I've heard good things about it, I've never checked it out myself though.
  11. Excuse me, but doesn't the EQ have MORE glass parts than most other vapes? Cause that means there's more stuff to break.
    Not that there's anything wrong with that, the likelihood of breaking obviously depends on the user, I'm just saying because that's what I've heard.
    It's also one of the more high-tech vapes so it has a lot more moving parts too.
    There's just more stuff than can go wrong with it IMO, doesn't mean it's any more likely to malfunction.
  12. any more input on the Extreme Q vaporizer? That would be nice since it was a top choice of mine
  13. SSV is the best by far in your price range. The only thing I have hit that is better is a Volcano.
  14. Read on fuckcombustion.com for the answers to all your vape questions.

    I'd personally get an SSV or DBV.
  15. I generally agree, especially if you want to get bigger clouds (TOASTED quicker). You also mentioned efficiency, and that you already have a bong..so I would also suggest looking at the supreme vape (Though not necessarily as efficient because you have to control the temp, the purple days, and the herborizer. The last two are very efficient vapes. The herborizer has to be used with a glass on glass joint, the purple days can easily be hit right out of the unit. Those will give you smaller hits, but much higher efficiency, and you can always take more hits. The SSV and dbv can also both be very efficient if you keep the temps low, and can also be used with a tube if you like. However, the Purple days and herbo are more efficient in general just because of how they are made to function.
  16. The Purple Days can also be left on all day, kept at the ready for immediate usage, as can the DBV and SSV I think.
    Like mada said, the PD is one of the most efficient. The herborizer is one of the vapes I've heard the least about so only he can speak on that.
    Depending on your tolerance, I've read testimonies were seasoned vaporists say they get plenty high off less than .05g with the PD and no that's not a typo.

    I can't stress reading enough. You can hardly compare most vapes side by side because they're all made for different things.
    Read and find out what's right for you.

    UNLESS you already scooped that SSV off CL, then I'd have to say good choice!
  17. extreme q is good if you want an all around vape, but if you just want a whip get a ddv or ssv

  18. I can get high on half of that (0.025G) with a PD and that's not a typo either. It took my twice that amount with my other vapes I've had and 4 times more when smoking from a bong.
  19. I know you do lwien :wave:
    Thanks for proving a point!

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