Purchasing a Bong (Need Suggestions)

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  1. I'll be honest, I didn't search that much or do anything for myself because I think the community knows what's best for me. I'm purchasing a bong, preferably under $250, and from Glass Pipes,Water Pipes,Herbal Vaporizers | Online Head Shop. Reason I've got to use this site: someone gave me a $100 gift certificate, so I'd like to spend less.

    I have two in mind so far, C2 Custom Creations 16" Stemless Horn Water Pipe | Online Head Shop | Glass Water Pipes, Water Bongs, Smoking accessories
    18" Roor Beaker Water Pipe - Smoked Out Pipes | Online Head Shop

    But, I'm open to all suggestions. I've heard ROORs are great, but to be honest, yesterday I made one from a glass bottle, so I'm not an expert. Please post your suggestion(s) and give me some kind description on why that bong's best for me.
  2. The one you linked is a natural perc and in my opinion chugs more and provides staler hits due to the size of the bubbles while hitting
  3. To be honest, all that glass looks pretty overpriced but if i had to chose id choose the last one you linked. If I were you I would buy a $100 bubbler with that gift card you have and get a real bong off of aqua-lab-technologies. You would be getting a bong and a bub for the same price you would just get a lower quality bong for.
  4. As a second suggestion I also would have offered looking up on A-L-T. That's where you should get started for looking into high quality glass. ;)
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    I would say these roors look prity legit to me and most likely not fake. ISmoker lays it out prity dam good on telling a real from a fake in this post.

    I like this one they got http://www.smokedoutpipes.com/roor-2-tree-5-arm-21-straight-water-pipe/


    If you look at this pic you can see the signature, the line and shapes all look smooth and the joint looks right and the base looks nice and thick these are all good signs to tell if its real.


    In this pic you can see the logo looks to be proportioned correctly and the ™ is in the botom right, good signs.


    This pic you can see the three pinch ice catcher roors only have a three pinch fakes tend to jave more or less.

    If I were you i would go with the roor over the c2 mabe its just me but I think they are nicer. If i were you i would get this one I love the lean back style and this price is killer especialy shipping with free shipping . Mabe seller dont know he could get more. But good luck eith your venture and you should let us know what you get and if the sites legit. I might just have to get one of these


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