Purchased Hitman Flowertube Phase 3

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  1. I just bought a stemless straight-tube with a custom perc for $200. Got the last one in stock :)
    How do you think it will hit?
    \tProduct details\tHitman Glass - Phase 3 Laser Jet Cut Medicine Perc Flower Tube #3

    \tFlower Tube Features:
    • Laser Jet Cut Medicine Perc by Hitman
    • Reinforced Stemless Design
    • Perc: Laser Jet Cut Medicine Perc 
    • Tube Joint: 18 mm Female
    • Slide Joint: 18 mm Male
    • Slide: Four Pinch Slide Included
    • Height to Top of Mouthpiece: 19.50" inches
    • Height to Top of Slide : 7.00" inches
    • Flared Base Diameter: 5.25" inches
    • Glass Thickness: 50 x 7 mm
    • Label: Hitman Green & Purple Label
    • Made in California

  2. Congatulations for the last One. I think this tube Hits great. You can take big rips. With the pinch slide Comes no Material in the tube. This tube was a good choice
  3. I hope so I just snagged it once I saw it was only $200. I dont mind paying namebrand for some nice 7mm glass :)
  4. I've smoke many times with perc tubes. But for flowers i like straight tubes and diffused downstem.
    I think for Your tube are 200$ okay
  5. For most any other straight tube that be a scam, but hitman is dope

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  6. That really will be interesting... they should have had medicine upside down on the other side so it would be like a ratchet perc with holes all the way around, but that will probably still hit great anyway. They know what they're doing at Hitman...
  7. I agree with you MochaBearBlazed. But when its good quality, i think 200$ are ok.
  8. Yea I would not of dropped the $200 unless it was hitman glass, really excited to get the piece. Should I post some vids?
  9. No...
    What do you think we're going to say?
    We demand milkshots!
  10. Idk haha, will post videos !

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