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Purchased half an ounce

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bad Intentions, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Some girl who goes to my school, her BF hooked it up :)

    Got half an ounce for $20, good deal or no? BTW it smells like Pine, the last one that I smoked that smelled like pine was pretty good :)

    I don't have a grinder, it's already broken down (not in bud form).

    I heard you can use scissors, how much smaller do I make it? I don't want to post pics cause I can't do it right now lol.

    Does it matter how much smaller I make it?

    It sort of looks like this, is it okay to smoke?
  2. half ounce of shake it looks like, how much do you have, how deep is that container you have it in

    This was the size of my last half
  3. Unless it's the shittiest shwag on the face of the earth, you cannot get a half of an O for $20.
  4. that looks great, congrats man. if you rolling your gonna want to cut it up a bit more but if you packing a bowl that should be good enough.
  5. that does not look like a half o a few grams at most
  6. he said looks LIKE that
  7. There is great weed. There is good weed. There is OK weed. There is acceptable weed. There is bad weed. There is terrible weed. There was weed that never should have been.

    And then, finally, there is $20-for-a-half-O weed.

    If you have what I think you have (pure shake), I'd recommend baking with it if you can instead of smoking it... that's pretty bad pot.

  8. Nah he hooked it up cause I've done a lot of things for them, all the people he sells have said it's good shit.

    I gave them as a gift my golds gym membership for free since I can't use it nor can I cancel it because my wrists are fucked up and I'm on contract and I'm paying around $30 a month for that damn thing.

    Not bad weed, I just got a good hook up for the shit I've done for them :D

  9. Dude, I'm not aware of many hookups in the world that can get a half ounce of not-the-schwaggiest-of-schwags for $20, except maybe if your best friend is a grower. A really nice grower.

  10. nice shit then dude! pine smells good!
  11. Hey man, it happens. A good friend of mine got a quarter-O for free on his birthday from this guy who grows. It was pretty good stuff too

  12. sure you can, "good" schwag here in tx can go for $25.
  13. Oxymoron?
  14. when you buy a half o it should not be broken up already maybe a gram or an 1/8 but not 14 grams
  15. Bump! True statement.

  16. I live in TX too!

    I smoked a little bit and it got me fucked up last night :), it's good stuff.

    He had a few types of dro but he ran out so I had to get the reg. shit.
  17. lol i remember on 420 me and 2 friends matched up for a POUND of low chronic for 60 bucks.. It was not regs and it was actually decent.. The guy had almost been caught and my friend was pretty good friends with him
    I consider that day the luckiest day of my life, except for the fact that we got in a car accident and had paraphernalia on the girls bag and there was like 5 cops.. but we werent high so they werent suspicious :D :D
  18. post a picture of it....

    $20 a half o is shwaggidy shwag man
  19. Shit, the only thing there ever is around here in Louisiana is $35 - $40 a half. My main man's price never changes and generally it's some smokable low-mids.
  20. I used to get the shwag for $30 a half so I don't see why he can't get it for $20 :confused_2:

    But ya not bad I guess. Baking with a half O of schwag would get you pretty baked though.

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