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purchase: ROOR blue label

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jerkyrob, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. so i just got my roor (the same one from those other pics). i have decided to name it blue venom. its 18 inch, beaker bottom, blue label, 5mm thickness. the label is real, not a sticker. it is american made. i love this thing. it hits really nice. so i was wondering what those measurements for downstems are. how do i know if its 14.5 or 18.8? are the pics. milkshots to follow!!!! it looks really nice milked up.
    the downstem has a little bubble in that an activated carbon adapter, or do the regular ones look like that?
  2. by the way, i payed 200. you cant put a value on enjoyment. plus i plan for it to last me through college and im gonna be a freshman.
  3. 200 is a good deal man, I would have bought it if i was you

    and ya those bubbles are normal, theyre not a carbon filter
  4. Nice!! Congrats on the purchase!!

    As for your downtube length i have basically the same tube(only mines a red and white label German) and my downtube is 15cm. Also the bubble on your down stem is NOT a carbon filter its just how all RooR downtubes are.
  5. 14.5 and 18.8 are the joint size. it looks to me like you have a 14.5 joint but i could be wrong.
  6. Damn man. I wish i had a RooR
  7. nice buy . did you buy it new ? cause i might buy a new roor tomorrow and was wondering whats the pricing on a good one ?
  8. nice new tube, i just got a roor about a week ago and i absolutley love it. get a diffused downstem and you will be set.
  9. Yay you bought it!:hello:
  10. you sure that is 5mm? i never heard of a blue that thick and it doesnt look that thick from pics. anyways nice pickup.

    gl going thru college with just one tube....
  11. i always thought blue was 5mm, looks legit to me, and those downstems WILL work as a carbon filter if you stick a screen in em. I have a few and ive tried it. Just dont do it until you pickup a diffuser because its easy to scratch it.
  12. i could be wrong but i always thought roor blue series were their thinnest tubes with a thickness of 3mm...and black labels with 5mm standard.

    on EDIT, all the blue labels are 3mm and blacks 5mm. i duno, like i said i could be wrong but thats how it is in my headshop too.
  13. no, it was not new. its just really clean.

  14. Its American, all the RooRs on EDIT are German. You can tell its not a German blue label cause the German blue labels only come in straight tube.

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