purchase pipe in usa

Discussion in 'General' started by Green_Monster, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. does anyone have advise for a good website to purchase a
    pipe in the usa. I tried grasscity and they have a restriction on

    Advise please

  2. Moving to general!
  3. I don't think we're allowed to give you website advice bc that would be interfering w/ Grasscity's buisness & the mods get pissed.

    But since you're looking for a site that does something Grasscity doesn't (shipping in the US) it might be ok.

    (no offense intended, mods. We love ya!)
  4. uh.... i thought grasscity did ship bongs/bowls pipes and w/e else to the U.S they just say its for tobacco use only lOoP hole.
  5. People in the US buy from the Shop all the time.

    Besides, Operation Pipe Dreams shut down US websites that sold pipes and bongs.
  6. maybe he means his network adminstrator blocked the main grasscity site? just a thought.

  7. I bought a bong and pipe from Grass City...
    Live in the US...
    Got here in excellent condition in an appropriate amount of time...

    What restrictions are you trying to avoid???
    From what I've seen, most other shops have similar restrictions...
  8. Where is grasscity located?

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