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  1. Hello everyone.  Everything is running smoothly and its time to post a journal.
    at the end of the post I'll link a post "up until now" which illustrates "The beginning" xD
    Here are the specs
    Kaya Gold (fem) from seedx3   nirvana
    freebie seedx3
    Lighting - 400w HPS air cooled supernova reflector -connected with ballast(400w)
    4" inline growbright fan and filter. -these items didn't work together because the hoof was 1 sided and the filter was 1 sided.  I reversed the carbon filter so that scented air was pulled through light then fan Then filter . pushed out of the filter into the room.
    Veg- 2' T5HO flouro that I rigged w the free reflector I received.  supplemented the area with 2 2700w CFLs
    Aqua Flakes A&B
    coco coir65%/perlite35%  (miracle grow perlite -.-)
    feed, feed, water   5.7 DTW, I dunk the pot into a bucket during feeds 2 times a day, then dump out those nutes.
    about 1/2 gallon is used each feeding and then when watered, 5.7 and from top, to sort of flush a little, almost 1 whole gallon is used here. 
    they are fed or watered 1 time every 3-5 days
    2-3 gallon pots are target and LST / top  about 2 flower @ a time Sea of Green perpetual is goal
    ppm meter @ .7
    pH meter
    Tap water left out for 24hrs+  about 170ppmwater
    http://forum.grasscity.com/grow-room-designsetup/1330507-complete-setup-closet-grow-sog-environment.html/page-1  this is "up till now" with this setup and with pics
    further update and pics in a few hours.  I like to illustrate :p
    happy growing, and Sub Up

  2. IMG_20140822_175340_959.jpg IMG_20140904_184828_310.jpg IMG_20140906_122036_820.jpg IMG_20140908_124805_048.jpg IMG_20140917_130747_790.jpg IMG_20140917_130803_500.jpg IMG_20140926_133105_798.jpg IMG_20140927_210453_352.jpg IMG_20141003_153053_834.jpg IMG_20141011_191825_283.jpg IMG_20141011_191601_154.jpg IMG_20141012_231707_721.jpg IMG_20141011_191735_617.jpg IMG_20141019_204534_172.jpg IMG_20140926_133019_536.jpg see how the fan blows through filter and out? No smell, so far
    all the flowering pics are the same plant.
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    update on my flowering mystery girl "the motivator"  All cloudy trichomes!  I did not yet flush, yesterday I fed 4mL/4mL and 3mL calmag so next feeding is tomorrow or the next day where ill flush?  3gallon bucket so ill pour through 4 gallons?? and then day after that no more water?  if its all cloudy trichs now, looks under done, how long till the cloudy trichs turn amber??
    also I am worried about the ppms, after last feeding it was 1060ppm on a .7 meter
    I know this is relatively ok, and im assuming that its b/c its soil, w coco around it.  so soil is holding more nutes right?.  o well, only thing left to do is flush, so I think ill wait till day after tomorrow and basically flush to 300ppm or lower.
    is this ok? then let dry and no water for maybe 4 days
    then chop?
  4. fellers fellers, make a post :D im new to growing.  By the looks of this 1 girl, I think im not so bad at it.
  5. update : pics first IMG_20141020_175045_313.jpg IMG_20141020_175100_943.jpg IMG_20141020_175116_917.jpg IMG_20141020_175125_013.jpg IMG_20141020_175207_561.jpg IMG_20141020_175213_058.jpg IMG_20141020_175218_201.jpg
    the seedling is the freebie seed that is Not Auto-but I am 12/12 ing from seed. :D
    the other pics are the "motivator" 2 days ago and next ones are today
    IMG_20141022_111034_209.jpg IMG_20141022_111039_783.jpg IMG_20141022_111048_972.jpg IMG_20141022_111145_771.jpg IMG_20141022_111152_596.jpg IMG_20141022_111158_524.jpg IMG_20141022_111205_867.jpg the light is fully on so no more pics xD
    man, its nice to take a pic and zoom in on here :ey:  :bongin:   :smoking:

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  6. I flushed down to 350ppms today(about 520 total), and down from 1000 or so.  letting her dry and if its time, chop in a few days.  if not 1 more flush
  7. I cannot search for this topic.  will start a thread that's better trafficed
  8. I would def let her go longer than a few days. She's still shooting out tons of white pistels
  9. Day 60
    I see fully formed trichomes milky I think and no amber just yet.  I see all these pistols, and I need to harvest xD.  letting her go, but just doing 1 watering If that.  Then I have an open box with the top cut off.  across that top us just a string to hang.  After maybe 3 days or so then I will unplug the light! and then chop 48 hrs later.   damn...that's another 5 days at least.
  10. Hey this is the post I lost before xD.  Ok so update.  Day 63.    How long are they supposed to go?  its hard to tell what it is but id say a hybrid.  If she is a hybrid then I guess its safe to harvest at about 10%amber trichs?  I have seen no amber trichs and its day 63 flower..
  11. she is in darkness now for 48 hrs for day 64 and fau 65, then day 66 chop
  12. and we're dones.  Pics- this internet play garden is fun:D IMG_20141103_161245_538.jpg IMG_20141103_161206_683.jpg IMG_20141103_161212_315.jpg IMG_20141103_161215_866.jpg IMG_20141103_161219_373.jpg IMG_20141103_161225_470.jpg IMG_20141103_161228_654.jpg IMG_20141103_161234_345.jpg IMG_20141103_161238_927.jpg IMG_20141103_161245_538.jpg IMG_20141103_161242_974.jpg IMG_20141103_161058_890.jpg IMG_20141103_161129_832.jpg IMG_20141103_161153_502.jpg IMG_20141103_161301_700.jpg IMG_20141103_161324_817.jpg IMG_20141103_173730_345.jpg IMG_20141103_173734_607.jpg IMG_20141103_173740_065.jpg IMG_20141103_173802_527.jpg   so there is the family, Neeext! and Question, will the bud get more dense?? it seems like it was and now its not, and im hoping it will get dense again.  2nd question - us this ok for drying??. light is off and fan and inline fan are on.

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  13. :smoke: and some more for the puppycat.  IMG_20141105_183833_595.jpg IMG_20141105_183511_697.jpg IMG_20141105_183519_849.jpg IMG_20141105_183526_968.jpg IMG_20141105_153557_934.jpg IMG_20141105_183544_237.jpg IMG_20141105_183551_670.jpg IMG_20141105_183617_631.jpg IMG_20141105_183750_742.jpg IMG_20141105_183757_381.jpg IMG_20141103_173802_527.jpg IMG_20141103_173807_701.jpg IMG_20141105_153454_176.jpg IMG_20141105_153548_454.jpg kaya 1 is now in flower :yay:
  14. change of plan this week.  As I was reading I decided it was time to transplant my lil seedling IMG_20141103_173802_527.jpg   I saw that the roots were plentiful and bright white.  was about 3 weeks in that container(solo cup size(was an  icing container)).  so 3 weeks is a good time.  I transplanted mystery "her" to 2 gallon I believe and I totally didn't bury deep enough :/ IMG_20141108_133750_770.jpg IMG_20141108_133754_493.jpg I also decided to transplant the Kaya Gold f I put into flower about 4 days ago.  She was in a 2 gallon and she was Not quite ready to transplant.  So she was age just over 2 months. 9/3-11/8.
      so solo cup is about 2.5-3weeks and 2 gallon can go about 2.5 months id say. 
    I then didn't have any room since I transplanted this seedling that was "on the side" into a big container(2gallon) I decided to put my other 2gallon Kaya Gold f (also 9weeksold) and will finish her in that container.  I think that 2 gallon is prob enough.
    so I have 2 kaya gold F in flower about 1 week apart.
    I have 2 seedlings transplanted into about 2 gallons and 2 freebies in (1 one gallon, and 1 2gallon)
    hers the new group
    first is "orange" the 1 gallon freebie IMG_20141108_133109_732.jpg IMG_20141108_133129_357.jpg IMG_20141108_133202_407.jpg IMG_20141108_133255_439.jpg IMG_20141108_133313_844.jpg IMG_20141108_133320_682.jpg <u can see I over extended and split "her" main stem.  I taped it but its not doing much so I supported her with an old Raid spool. and tied there and she is holding.  IMG_20141108_133731_429.jpg IMG_20141108_133742_044.jpg IMG_20141108_133746_594.jpg IMG_20141108_133750_770.jpg IMG_20141108_133754_493.jpg IMG_20141108_133758_353.jpg IMG_20141108_133802_183.jpg IMG_20141108_133809_295.jpg IMG_20141108_133813_319.jpg IMG_20141108_133827_244.jpg
  15. IMG_20141108_155823_301.jpg IMG_20141108_155842_679.jpg IMG_20141108_155852_380.jpg 2 kaya gold in flower 1 week apart

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