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Discussion in 'Pets' started by 0reos, Apr 30, 2016.

  1. Getting a bernese mountain dog in a few months when she's ready to come home! My bf wants a boy so my compromise is that I name her something less feminine ( i wanted to call her daisy). So far I have Koda, Blue, and Nova.
    However I'd like to explore some Marijuana relatedo or based names for her. Nothing too obvious like roach or reefer.. I'm sure the grandparents would have a fit lol..

    Thanks in advance
  2. My gf and I were stoned out of our minds hiking in the deep woods, when we ran into an old dude who looked like Gandalf in modern hiking clothing. He had two of those with him. Each with backpacks on. They were ultra social and "experienced hiking dogs" as the old guy put it. Congrats on getting one, they're very cool.

    I like Koda and Nova. Herb related, I've thought about naming a future cat of mine Sensi.
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  3. Ty man I'm hoping to put in a lot of hours hiking to the lakes and beaches I live near.

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  4. I'd wait and meet the dog. You never know what's going to suit their personality until you do. I've named mine the day they came home but over time they just become something else.
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  5. I like Koda, or Dakota which was my pups name.

    Kaya or Marley are my weed related suggestions.
  6. 'Muggles' is a cool old term for weed. At least not many people would catch on. :weed:
  7. Ellen
  8. I know it doesn't really go with a Burmese but when I get a Doberman it will be called Tsar. Just need £3000 spare to import one from Russia

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  9. what about Sativa or Gram names?
  10. Green(e)

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