Puppy + hemp = okay?

Discussion in 'General' started by JuniorCain, May 16, 2006.

  1. I just recently got a dog that is hound/black lab. He's kind of crazy, but hey, he's still a pup. I had some hemp string laying on the ground and I noticed that he really enjoyed chewing on it. I know that I have chewed on hemp before because I tend to chew on stuff out of habit, but is it okay for him to chew on it? Just wondering because if I made a chew thing for him out of hemp it would keep him occupied for awhile. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. As long as he doesn't swallow it I see no harm in it..Just make sure he doesn't tear it up and swallow it because I'd imagine if it got broken up it would be pretty sharp, could poke the little guys internal organs :O
  3. I'm no vet or anything but i think he'll be fine. Just as long as he doesnt choke on any of it, like hoast said
  4. PICS PICS PICS PICS PICS!!!!!! :hello: :hello:
  5. hell be fine. my lab eats all kinds of shit. like sticks and furniture and my other dog.
  6. [​IMG]

    He doesn't really have a blue eye... just the flash.
  7. Becareful with any string like substance. My ex's cat got into some string and had to go under some expensive ass surgery... Get him a hemp ball or something.
  8. Thanks a lot for all of your responses... especially yours, Jonsi, I'll definitely keep that in mind.
  9. Damn dude thats one nice lookin pup you got there
  10. Thanks a lot, man. The people that GAVE this dog away (along with his brother who is now with my brother) were taking them to the pound to put them to sleep if we didn't take them. I seriously can't imagine putting a beautiful, loving dog like this down. It's really fucking sad that it happens so often.
  11. Yes unforutanetly that does happen often. My first and only dog I picked up from the pound, they said she was next in line when I told them which I wanted. Pretty sad to go in there though and only be able to choose one.. but dogs from the pound you can tell are SO grateful.. i would never think twice about pickin up this dog.
  12. Exactly, man, they are the best behaving dogs in the world. I mean if I had the financial and rooming means, I would have so many dogs, man. If people that don't want anymore dogs would start netuering (SP?) and spaying their dogs, then we would have these problems and we wouldn't have to kill dogs that would make perfect pets for all the little boys and girls.

    ^^^ Trouble writing ( a little above the weather ;)^^^
  13. Jonsi's right. I'd try to avoid letting him have any toy that has string on it. You should really try and discourage him from chewing on those kinds of things now so that in the future you don't run into any problems!!
  14. String is bar for animals but Labs cant eat pretty much anything. My brother's lab is 2 years old she hate marijuana for some reason everytime we spark up something she goes away and sits in the corner. Though she does love beer! And she has been a drunk puppy before!lol:eek:
  15. yeah string is bad if swallowed, i pulled like..a 12 inch string out of my dogs throat just by pulling the peice that was stuck on his tooth..
  16. I've done the same thing to my cat.

    I'd swear my cat was a dog in a previous life...he greets me at the door, wants to be pet, then sits on my lap or on the floor at my side pretty much at all times.

  17. Meh my cat does the same, but then sometimes she's a bitch, and wont let you pet her. :smoke:
  18. My cat was a pimp, his name was Blitz and he died of kitty AIDS, oh and he broke his jaw when he was hit by a truck. We had to put him down, he wasn't going out easily. He was a bad-ass.

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