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  1. my plants just sprouted and I can see the leaves are purple so i thought it may be a good seed and want to get some nugget off it.but i was just screwing around planting them because i no that there is only 1-2 months that it will be able to grow and then the temp will drop too low, theve been growing for 2-3 weeks??? any ideas ?????Will i be able to get buds from em I have mature plants also so is there anything i can do for the small guys????

    (bringing them inside is outaa the question)

  2. Well, you know it's going to die outside, so short of building a shelter around it your only options are to let it die or bring it inside.

    Personally, if I really wanted to save it, I'd consider letting it grow enough to take a cutting, cloning that, growing the clone in a 4" pot for a few months (a desk plant, essentially) then cloning a cutting or two from that come spring.

    Either that or find a friend who can take it into their house.
  3. you can try and flower it, i know its young and all but if u have maybe 2 months left, get a sack or black paper bag and cover it during the night, so itll have a few hours that it can be covered when sun coimes up. and uncover it in themorning, after its been 12 hours of darkness, and maybe ull get a little bit off it before frost takes over. worth a try i guess. peace, e:bongin:

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