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Pupil dilation

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Cruizer, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. I was wondering if anyone else used this to their advantage when talking to girls. I've recently (well 6 months now) been looking into stuff about girls and how to talk to them. It's all been successful and one of the techniques I learnt is to maintain strong eye contact. Upon doing this I remembered all those scientific people (think Sheldon from BBT) who talked about pupil dilation occurring when someone is attracted to another person.

    If it's true then I don't honestly think there is a more sure fire way to know if a girl is into you or not. Pupil dilation is completely sub-conscious and words can have a variety of undertones.

    Now that I've learnt it I've noticed a bunch of funny things :)

    What about you guys? Used it? Plan on using it now?
  2. ive done this but cant really tell since id have to be right up close like inches away
  3. dilation - sympathetic, they are excited/nervous
    constriction - parasympathetic, they are relaxed/chilll

    yes, you can use this to your advantage!
  4. So hot.
  5. Girls definitely respond well to it. :D

    This technique doesn't work on girls with brown eyes though. Hazel and lighter you can see from regular talking distance. Brown eyes I'd think 5cm would be as close as you'd need to be.

    Shame because these two girls I'm into right now both have brown eyes.
  6. Eye contact freaks me out a little bit, tbh - I find it hard to look into other people's eyes for longer than a few seconds without feeling uncomfortable.

    I'm not sure why that is. Could be a self confidence issue, but I'm actually a pretty outspoken/happy person so I dunno. Gives me the feeling I'm being judged/analyzed or something.

    I'm a girl with green eyes. So, guess it doesn't work on ALL women, haha. Then again, I probably wouldn't notice very quickly if someone was staring into my soul because I'd be too busy averting my eyes lmao. Even with the people I'm closest to, it still makes me uncomfortable >_< Best friends I've had for years included.
  7. Girls don't maintain eye contact (95% of the time), it's not as important for them to do it either. But eye contact definitely makes you more memorable and personable. Between males holding eye contact for the longest can be interpreted as a sign of dominance, however I'd suggest not doing it as it can lead to a fight :p

    If you can't hold eye contact with someone without looking away or smiling then you're most likely uncomfortable with the situation. Not a bad uncomfortable necessarily but timid. It's not really to do with how you view the other person you're looking at, more to do with how you view yourself.

    Maintaining good posture and a strong voice decibel level are both factors to the same effect, but eye contact I think is the most important.
  8. Haha, yeah.. the only times I've ever purposely stared at somebody was to make them feel awkward, unwanted, uncomfortable, threatened, whatever. With people I like, not so much.

    Used to get in trouble for glaring when I was younger o_o but that's the only reason I did it, because I know it makes me feel uncomfortable when people stare at me so I figured it must affect some people the same way.

    Anyways, thanks for the info. :)
  9. Staring and maintaining strong eye contact are two, very different things.

    Staring is creepy, but strong eye contact involves breaking it occasionally, coming back very quickly.
  10. i like to see how long i can make eye contact... i like looking into girls' eyes :p
  11. It's just funny to me now that I've realised this. A lot more fun to talk to a girl with a boyfriend if it looks like she's on some unmentionables because of her pupils.

    Just thinking "Damn I'm going to hit that if (when) you two break up".

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