Punked some chump on the bus

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  1. So i was on the bus today with my girl going to work.

    This chump gets on the bus. And he starts flirting witht he driver. Idk if the driver knew him or what but they were laughing and talking like old friends or something.

    This chick that i went to high school with gets on the bus. She was a total slut and now she had a baby. The bus driver asked her to fold her stroller the chick was just like "do i have to? I would have to take all the baby stuff out" And the bus driver was like "yea" then the chick just did it without arguing.

    So it was over not a big deal. But then this chump starts making fun of the chicks boyfriend. Him and the bus driver were laughing. Her boyfriend didn't say anything and the chick was just like. "why don't you grow up? You know we can hear you" Then this chump was like "oh you better find your place woman. Not your fault your mans a bitch." Then he starts saying how ugly her baby is.

    Now at the time i was thinking "wow this dudes a pussy" but i didn't wanna get into someone elses business.

    But then my girlfriend was like "wow hes messed up" or something like that. I wasn't really listening. And he starts turning on her. Then the chump was like "who was talking to you. You need to close your mouth woman" Or some shit like that. Idk cuz thats when i got mad.

    I was just like "shut the fuck up. Don't talk to me or my girl."

    Then chump says "tell your girl to stay out of my business. And i suggest you watch your mouth before i have to hurt you boy."

    So then i laughed at him and was like "Wow you're hard. Bullying females on the bus makes you feel like a man? I promise if you try me i'll break your glasses and your jaw"

    Then this dude is like "oh really. Okay then bring it boy." He stands up starts taking off his earrings. Takes off his hat. Takes off his chain. takes off his glasses. Like hes a fucking female or something. He musta been like 6'0 thinking he was buff in a super tight polo. He had a little muscle but he was also a fatboy. He was like in his 30s probably.

    I'm 18 and i look it in the face. So i guess he thought i was gonna be small. Or a bitch or something. But i just stood up and threw off the sweatshirt. I'm 6'5 and i been working out everyday for 4 years. I don't look buff cuz i'm so tall but i look average. After i stood up i was like "how you gonna do it?" And walked out in the aisle. Then the bus driver was like "you need to calm down you not gonna be fighting on my bus" the dude sits down SUPER fast. Rattled because he didn't expect me to be that big. Then he starts talking about "bitches thinking there hard"

    So i was just like "oh i'm a bitch? Make me your bitch then. If not shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down or i promise you we will be fighting."

    He was just like "i don't got time for kids" and started ignoring me and talking to the bus driver again.

    Then when i got off the bus he started throwing up gang signs out the window and was like "ima catch you later bitch"

    Gotta say i had him rattled lol. Was pretty funny.
  2. "I dont have time to get my ass beat"
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    He def. has a vag. I'm not saying having any of that makes you a pussy, but if that's your first reaction to someone tryna fuck you up, you're a pussy.

    EDIT: how serious are you, soserious?
  4. Nice. good for you to stand up for you and your girl. But honestly, in all reality, you ended up looking as trashy as him.

    A better man would've handled it differently.
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    I would have hit him. Worth the charges. Hate fuckers like that. But good job op.
    It's normal to wanna beat some sence into people like this right? Im like 6"maybe 6"1 and 200 lbs. Not that's big but no matter the size I wanna beat up fuckers like that.
  6. Dude you should of hit him...whats the point of being buff... But I give you a 7 out of 10..

    Gangsters are so Girly when they are alone. Always having to have "homies" jump them... I laugh at them here in Washington
  7. I live in washington too. But i'm from philly. Thats why i was really laughing at him when he started throwing up gang signs.
  8. Yea i was already pretty pissed off cuz i missed my first bus. So i was in no mood to be tested at that point.

    If i was chill i woulda probably just made fun of him a little and told him not to talk to my girl.
  9. Aha too funny . Especially when he threw gang signs & said, ill catch u later bitch. Lol . Good comebacks though op
  10. you live in georgia dont you?
  11. washington i said that. But i think this dude was deffinetly from the south. Cuz he kept calling me boy. He had a bit of an accent. And he kept acting like woman were second class citizens or dogs or something. SO i could definetly see him being from the south.
  12. Nice job man and lmao at the other dude.... im sure his girlfriend left him
  13. good shit..it's usually the ones with the big mouths that end up being pussies

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