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  1. Man I fucking hate pussies that talk shit that don't do anything back. I was walking out of the doctors clinic on campus today, already in a bad mood, and I get to this walkway where cars drive by, and a car stops and goes "WHATSUP WIGGER" or "WHATSUP FAGGOT" I couldn't really understand the second word. I wear a new era hat and a hoodie, but i'm a chill ass kid for the most part, and i'm not really a 'wigger'. But anyways, as soon as they say that shit I go "BITCH FUCK YOU SAY THAT SHIT TO MY FACE" and I start to walk to the kids window ready to just swing in there, and he starts driving off. So I throw off my jacket and hat, and start SPRINTING at these faggots screaming "BITCH STOP YOUR FUCKING CAR COME SAY THAT SHIT TO MY FACE" and they stop in the middle of the road, I get to the point where I can always kick the car and they start burning off again. I kept sprinting after them but they wouldn't stop. Like seriously, if you're with another person, and you talk shit, have the balls to fucking get out of the car and do something. God damn like I said I was in a bad mood, and I just wanted to stomp those faggots. Don't flame on this thread either, I know some of you are gonna be like "oh man, let it be, don't stoop to their level, be mature!" But fuck that shit.
  2. People still say wigger?

    Wow, that alone would be enough to make me burst out laughing at them.
  3. Should've tossed a rock at his car.
  4. Haha, like I said, I was in a bad mood at the time, and when some little punk white kids talk shit it tends to make me angry, no-matter what they say. They needed to get a stomping to teach them some respect.
  5. i woulda spit on his car..or throw a rock (or a text book) at his windshield.
  6. The only thing to possibly throw was my cellphone, and if it was my old cellphone(A POS that i threw around all the time) i would, but i got a new one. I looked around the parking lot for their car for 20 minutes, looking for them on their car to fuck up, and I couldn't find them. God damn I swear if I ever see them on campus they're gonna get a knockout punch to the jaw.
  7. Why stop, I'm sure they were having a great time just watching you run after there car.
  8. Did they slow down just enough to let you think you where getting close then speed off?
  9. Oh man, let it be, don't stoop to their level, be mature.
  10. Man, I'd have killed to see that shit in person.

    I don't blame you, man, but if they didn't get out the car by the first time I ran after them, I'd say fuck it.
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    no i totally understand i hate that shit man.It's like they dont have enough shit to deal with in there boring ass lives so they start senseless shit with you.
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    Yep, which is why it pissed me off, because I was planning on kicking the shit out of the back of their car to MAKE them get out(I mean if someone dented my car i'd get out) but right when I was about to get there they burned off again. Fucking faggots. I mean seriously, if you're going to talk shit, have the balls to say it to someones face. I bet the nerds were laughin and shit after, but soon enough i'll find them. I mean i'm not a loser or a nerd by any means, I just hate huge nerds like them that won't even back up their shit.
  13. As long as white people walk around trying to be black, wigger will remain in circulation. Unless there is a new word for white kids trying to be thugs now?
  14. yes we are prefer to be called wugs now.
  15. Do you care what they think of you? They dont even know who you are.

    Next time dont sweat it man- Karma will roll around eventually
  16. Carry a pocket full of spark plugs, one of those into a car window and its gone.

    I fucking hate people who do that shit. People do it to me at college and if I can't bust their shit then I get the plate number and remember the car, then next time I see it I'll bust their ass or break out the windows.
  17. Whoaaaa, that just ruined my high...
  18. well wearing a fitted and a hoody baggy pants and shit isnt "black" thats a sterotype, the correct term in "urban" i can see if your like " YO SON DAWG GET AT ME SON" then yah but wigger isnt a right term to be calling people who are wearing clothes.
  19. You gotta yell shit at wiggers or they'll never learn *sigh*.

    Kidding though man, anyone that yells shit out car windows (or judges anyone by their appearance) is just sad and immature.
  20. dog these *****s are tripion imagine my poodle say that shit on tv like they would call her a wigger too man its all whatever all stereotypes ***** ..yea I got a poodle
    _ahhhh cookie monster lighting up cookie dough in the bathroom ahhh

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