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Discussion in 'General' started by skronix, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Well i have a brother and we just got into this huge fight over some stupid shit. So i knew that i could come here release some stress and find out who was the fucking stupid one. So this fight was about female and male. So we are growing some kronix straight females. all clones. So he has some bag seeds from some kron. ANd he is growing them. So he brings the pot in the room with all the clones. Then we start arguing about if that seed is a male. It will fuck up all the females. i said no. He said ya i said fuck no. He said shut the fuck up. So I was likie what the fuck would make u think they would get fucked up. If the roots arnt in the same pot. He was like they will just fuck it up. SO LADYS AND GENTLMEN WHAT DO YOU THINK. DO YOU THINK YOUR PLANTS WILL GET FUCKED UP. JUST BECAUSE I HAVE A BAG SEED PLANT IN A ROOM ? plz open answers im just so curious ?:smoking:
  2. if the male lets off pollen and the female catches it, it will fuck up your female in the sense that it will have seeds
  3. I only know what Ive earned from here but I dont think that can happen at all
  4. I dont think that a seed being germinated near female clones will fuck up anything. If the bag seed does turn out to be a male u will be able to get rid of it before anything bad can happen. Im no expert though
  5. Depends on how close the male is to the female. The plant has to be pretty close to pollinate a female.

    If your keeping it in the same room just stand the bagseed plant like 10-15 feet away from the others, no way he'll pollinate them then.
  6. If the bag seed turns out to be a male you would just cut it down before the pollen sacs develop enough to pollinate the females. Or you could let it pollinate them and come out with a new strain.
  7. no expert here but im pretty sure that if you put a male plant with in 15 feet away from a bunch of females you have youself some seedy bud
  8. Yeah it doesn't have to be in the same pot to pollinate the female... but you'll be sweet if you find out it's a male and get rid of it at the first signs.
  9. You will have plenty of time to cut that sucker down if it is indeed a male. So, you are indeed correct.
  10. I say that sibling is dumb as a rail.
  11. Thanks so much. It felt so good to proove my brother wronge!!! He is one that always loves to be right you know that can go some time. But ya he felt prtty stupid after i showed him this thread, and said look what all my buddies think. YOUR FUCKING STUPID I SAID.. LOL:D

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