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  1. long time ago, me and a friend got all fucked up, it was right near halloween, so we decide we needed some pumpkins, i don't know why we needed them we just did. now we lived in the city and people just don't have pumpkins growing in the yard. so we find this place that sells produce, oh, it's like three in the morning the place isn't open, so we start to fill the car with pumpkins the trunk, back seat, i even get in and he throws pumpkins on top of me, pumpkins to the ceiling. so we drive about one humdred yards and the cops stop us, on a hill, so the cops tell us to get out of the car, but we can't because there's so many pumpkins we can't open the door without them falling out, but they make us get out, the pumpkins got out also, and started rolling down the hill and smashing into things and breaking things. so we went to jail for stealing the pumpkins and they made us pay for all the damage the pumpkins caused, and they took all our pot, the judge blamed the whole thing on the pot, said if we weren't high we wouldn't have wanted to eat those pumpkins.
  2. :D Yet another classic Halloween story brought back from the past....
  3. LMAO!!! Wouldn't have wanted to eat the pumpkins!!!! That's too funny!

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