Pumped up Kicks Dub

Discussion in 'General' started by Thai, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Wats good blades.. After years and years of production, I think ive finally made my best beat. :smoke: Alotta good vibes in this song, represents my highs and lows in life.. toke up, take a listen, and tell me what you guys think. If you like it please help me spread the magic :eek:


    *Only sampled the words from the foster the people acapella album, synths + drums are original*
  2. that was good. its a little too dubstep for me though.
  3. Foster The People is my favorite band right now. Love their shit. Your beats pretty cool, I'd play it in my car, and I'm not even usually into this type of music.
  4. Really appreciate the input guys.. Put so much into it and now I just wanna spread the good vibes as much as I could.. :smoke:

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