Pumice... the impossible

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  1. Alright I need help finding pumice.

    I have called so many places... home depot? Nope
    Lowe's? Nope
    Garden centers? Nope
    Building supply stores? Nope
    Feed stores? Nope
    Count less hydro stores? Nope

    Online I'm only finding it at 15quats for 25-50$!!! I'm not looking to spend 100+$ on this and I fell is a complete rip off.

    So please I'm asking does anyone know where to get this stuff for a fair price. I live in southern California.

    Do I have a different option to use? Pumice is lava rock correct?

    Could I buy lava rock and crush it myself?
  2. yes its lava rock. you can also search for scoria.
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  3. Again thanks Scooby!
    Have a snack
    Could I buy BBQ lava rock and crush it up?

  4. yeah if you can crush it.
  5. This seems like plan b

    Just got off the phone with the one place that has 4quart bags and asked if they can get bigger bags. They are going to call me tomorrow if they can get it.
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  6. check with landscaping supply stores.
  7. Would red lava rock work?
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  8. How much was this 4qt bag?

    Is there a ban on perlite or something in So Cal? Or?

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  9. 4quart bags are 3.99

    4quarts = .13 cu ft
    .13/3cuft = 23 bags
    23 bags X3.99= about 100$
  10. Are you cereal?

    The same amount of perlite (23 gallons), would be just under $14.

    Might want to rethink your aeration needs/costs.:eek:

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  11. i tried crushing charcoal to make char it didn't work and it isn't near as hard as cinders. talk to landscape supply places they use cinders.
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  12. thats what i use. but i wouldnt pay $1 a quart for it
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  13. Thanks for everyone's one put but I went with the red lava rock.

    .5 cuft was 4$
    Much better

    Also mixed up my no till soil!!

    All I need is my worms and cover crop and I'm good to go !
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  14. Pumice is not the lava rock you get at HD or at a landscape supply , but you can use it just the same and it is a great aeration amendment considerably heavier ..... I just got some pumice from amazon prime 5 gal for $22 not cheap ....
  15. This landscape supply serves Southern California and offers bulk 1/4" x 3/8" pumice on their website. They sell by the bucket, half and full yard quantities.

    Air Vol Block, Inc.
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