"Pulse of the Maggots" Slipknot

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Jack_Herrer, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. i know this should be in the music forum but that is dead so i'll post it hear. slipknot's new song released:


    just put in your email and zip code. the song is awsome.
  2. 10 more days!
  3. yes! i'm so there.
  4. I got so tired of slipknot and metal like 2 years ago and went the totally opposite way of rap. They still sound the same. But its still not too bad.

  5. did you just say rap and slipknot sound the same? are we talking about the same slipknot? anyway just so it's clear i don't like rap(with the exception of a few).
  6. Naw I was sayin slipknot sounds the same like the other 2 cds , fo sho.
  7. I'm not sure what to make of slipknot. If they are trying to be scary, it isn't working. They are the metal version of ICP- all painted up, but they suck at the music. You really need to get back to real metal. Slayer's reign in blood is the paradigm by which all metal albums are judged. Get it, and it will keep you busy for days. I don't like to listen to metal while high, so I whip out something like morcheeba or massive attack, or some earlier snoop dogg stuff
  8. Yea the D O double G is the shit, especialy the chronic.
  9. I especially like Tha Shiznit from Doggystyle

  10. lol slayer is childsplay. all those death metal bands are just...annoying. i like slayer because they've always stayed true to their style

  11. nu-metal huh?

    who the fuck made up all these fucked up new music generes?
  12. Slipknot is God. Slayer is cool but not as good.

    Bar None

  13. What? i think you have your shit backwards. Slayer is god and slipknot is not as good. don't get me wrong i love slipknot, but there is much better things out there than them. they are just my favorite at the moment.
  14. Slipknot are fuckin astonishing i love gettin fucked up on mushies and moshin to slipknot it has to be done. does anyone here like KoRn.
  15. i used to like korn, but that was like the first 3 albums.
  16. i love slipknot my fave song is "wait and bleed"

  17. hell ya man i love KoRn good god is a sick song its KoRn f. rammstien who like rammstien??
  18. I have every single rammstein recording (my friend bought pirated copies in moscow and i ripped them) Rammstein is quite good. Quite good indeed.

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