Pulsar ABX - what am I missing

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Bigwheelkid, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Quick background - I was a 20 year stoner and took 12 yrs off. Started back about six weeks ago. The scene has changed so much in 12 years. Having a great time learning and getting back up to speed. Combustion killed my lungs after about 4 days so bought a Pulsar ABX.

    Now my question. What am I missing with the Pulsar?

    Local shop suggested starting with the Pulsar for $60 to make sure I liked vaping before investing more $. So it's the only vape I've used and I think vaping is awesome. But since there doesn't seem to be many or any people using I'm wondering what I'm missing? Why doesn't anybody seem to use one?

    My thoughts so far.
    Battery isn't great but I always have a portable charger around so not a big deal
    Draw is hard but I seem to be getting used to it.
    Chamber size is good and works for me. Pretty sure I wouldn't want it any smaller
    Heats up quick enough
    Shuts off after 5 min. Wish it stayed on longer but I can always turn it back on
    Single button seems flimsy but so far so good
    Cleaning - screen gets gummed up pretty quick
    Stealth - small and easily fits in my pocket and can use it easily without drawing to much attention.
    Vapor - I see very little Vapor. Not sure if it's the Pulsar or me at this point. I'm getting the effects so not too concerned as it lends itself to being stealthily
    Mouthpiece gets hot but it came with a rubber cover that solves that problem
    Multiple temp settings I like this and it's been fun to play around with the different temps
    Very curious to hear people thoughts and opinions.


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