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  1. The scene with Travolta and Thurman in the resturaunt with Travolta rolling. They seem to be smoking it like its weed but they are right there in the resturaunt which would make you believe its just tobacco? Am I wrong or is there a general concensus to what they are really smoking?
  2. I'm actually led to believe it's weed, I could be wrong though :p
  3. i think im with cloud. but then again i think he says hes "rolling a cig" but i havent seen it in a while
  4. naw im pretty sure it was just tobacco, she goes to pull out one of her own and see's he's rolling one and wants that instead.
    and yet.... being a tobacco smoker myself even if it was the shittiest brand of smoke ever id take a normal cigerette over a rollie anyday
  5. why do people think its weed... its just tobacco?!?!
  6. its just a movie.
  7. I always thought it was weed at first too, but it must be tobacco. Either that, or Tarantino is really fucking with our stoner minds. Remember when Vince is telling Jules about Amsterdam? He says something like:

    "Yeah, it's legal, but it ain't completely legal. I mean you can't walk into a restaurant, roll a joint, and start puffin' away...."
  8. hello?? they say it in the movie. that he has 2 joints.. this is the 60s people. bak then it wasnt such a big deal like today. dont u remember when they order the milkshake that they say its fukin delicous. like they have the munchies. and they start to laugh n shit all high.
  9. they say its delicious cos its got bourbon in it, and they r laughing cos he's on smack, she's on coke... It has been known for people to laugh without the aid of green
  10. wut then y do they say its a joint???????
  11. its tobbacco and the movie takes place a lil later than the 60's... after all the acura nsx was from like 92-00 or somethin of tha sort
  12. Yeah its not in the 60's it takes place whenever Tarantino made it ('94 I think) I think its weed, no one would hassle them because everyone knows Vince would just shoot the fuck out of them if they gave him shit.
  13. Straight from the original script....

    Vincent takes out his pouch of tobacco and begins rolling
    himself a smoke.

    After a second of watching him --

    What are you doing?

    Rollin' a smoke.


    It's just tobacco.

    Oh. Well in that case, will you
    roll me one, cowboy?</pre>
  14. yeah...him smoking in the dinner is really immportant to the plot. :rolleyes: :laughing:

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